Specific Plugin to display a Skin/player model as a statue

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am writing this post (sorry if it is in the wrong section) because I am in need of a plugin which does the following.

    • Displays a players current skin in a statue like figure.
    • Can display a skin with a set player name above it.
    I have tried to set Citizens up to do this but unfortunately it does not allow skins which are not being used by a player to be shown.

    The reason for this is because I wish to set up a hall of fame with the players on podium.

    If anyone can think of a plugin which can do this please let me know.

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  2. mathhulk

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    I know for a fact that Citizens CAN do this:
    /npc create <name>
    /npc skin -p <anyplayer'sskin>
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  3. Didnt work for me O_O
  4. I think you need ProtocolLib
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  5. Indeed I did :p
  6. Glad to help!
  7. Thank you, both the plugin and the commands are working correctly now :p
  8. In regards to the skin, can I use a skin file from a secondary location like dropbox or does it need to be on a minecraft acc?
  9. Has to be on an account
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  10. and that is my issue, I need to be able to set skins from a file location or inside the plugins folder its self.

    I might just have to hire a dev to get one made
  11. It's impossible, the skin has to be on a minecraft account before, you can't just use a random image
  12. Well idk for sure but if worldedit can get schematics from its folder I guess it can be possible to code it.
  13. Hello, i know its from 2016 but i need npc (my acc npc to admin list) and when i type /npc create its basic error: "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" please help.
  14. This is the wrong place to be asking for help,

    but what plugin are you using Citizens?
  15. okay... ;-;
  16. This can usually be achieved using NPCs. Use a plugin like citizens, and then just create the npc using the gamertag you need. It should all be created and the players skin would be also synced. Normally these NPCs are not movable, but you can make them stand still, since that's what you need.
    Hope I helped!