Specifics on Minecraft Server EULA

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  1. So I've been playing on this one server for quite a while, and felt inclined to donate to it. (This was about 2 years ago? ish.) I'm not quite sure how the buycraft was set up back then, but right now, they sell ranks in store, which really isn't what's unusual, but the way they sell it. The basic rank, was pretty cheap, 5 dollars USD, but it didn't give any description as to what it gave, just that it'd be permanent and applied to all gamemodes, which threw me off as it used to back when I actively played this server. (The rank gave access to /tpa, which wasn't made available to default non-donator/f2p nubs, and a full server bypass to all of its gamemodes. Also included a "kit" for specific gamemodes.)Thinking it was a bug, I viewed the other ranks, and they also had no description as to what they gave. (The other ranks gave better kits based on their ranks, more commands such as /tpahere /pweather, and /skull, up to the point of /fly). They also had a monthly subscription for higher tier things(Which I couldn't find much evidence of what they gave in the buycraft (whoa big surprise), so I asked someone who owned such a subscription and they said they had access to /fixall and other commands) So I joined the community discord, and asked the staff about what the ranks gave. Funny enough, they just asked me to return to the buycraft. Which i thought was weird and wondered why they kept on dodging the question. Eventually the Minecraft Server EULA came to my attention, and I read into it some more. From this link here, https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1590522-minecraft-commercial-use, I noticed that the ranks the server was selling went against some of the points. Confused, I asked about the specifics from a staff member, and they dodged away saying "We only sell the rank. Once buying the rank you receive "gifts" for buying such rank" and I can't help but wonder if this is really allowed, or a total sham.
  2. What they are doing is not allowed. However, Mojang doesn't enforce the EULA too strongly. Smaller servers are pretty much ignored, and larger servers have found ways to bypass the server blacklist.
  3. Thanks, can you possibly provide some context as to why it's not allowed?
  4. From the link you posted in the original post:
  5. What I mean is, since they hide it behind a lack of information in the buycraft, and sweet words, what's one way to disprove them?
  6. If someone has a purchased rank, and because of that rank has access to something that gives an unfair advantage over a f2p player, it's not allowed. Even if they claim it is a "gift".
  7. Alright thank you :D