Specs for a Factions Server

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  1. I have 4GB Ram, java 8. Its fine?
  2. Is this a dedicated server? Or your computer?
  3. How many people do you expect on your server
  4. Uhm... 50-70 persons
  5. I have a host in mcprohosting
  6. You'll probably be fine for now, but remember to keep on an eye on the tps. There are lots of ways players can lag the server so that is crucial. Also 4GB might be a bit low for 50 people. 8GB would be better.
  7. Yea the memory should be enogh to run a medium scaled server.

    But running a server requires more than just RAM.
    If you want a proper answer you need to give us more information:

    Is it a VirtualPrivateServer, a desicated server, an already configured minecraft server from one of the common hosters or even running on your pc?

    Is there anything else running on the server?

    What processor does it have?
  8. He said he hosts it on mcprohosting
  9. Okey, thanks for the answer!
  10. Already answered! :p See mate
  11. Oh sorry, semed I was typing to slow.
    As AgainstTheNight said you should be fine with that.
    I'dd suggest you run the server first and if player numbers start rising you keep a eye on RAM usage and TPS.

    If you get really close to max ram you update the server.
    Before that there is really no point of paying more, unused RAM.
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  12. Okey, I'll try this method Thanks!!
  13. I don't recommend using MCprohosting, their prices are horridly high because they are some of the first Google results for Minecraft hosting.

    You should probably check out this list of affordable hosts and pick one from there because there's no extra value in paying triple or quadruple price for MCprohosting compared to one of the (more reputable) hosts on the list.
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  14. Okey! Thanks for the list!
  15. o_O 8gbs is overkill... 4gb of ram is fine as long as the other hardware isnt shit, Ram isnt everything...
  16. I tend to agree, but with loads of players/entities the ram can get quite high.
  17. I don't understand why some people need so much ram for servers though, i ran a 20 player faction server withh 60ish plugins (2 *Small* multiverse worlds) with only 4gb at 20tps.. But aye if he needs more he should just upgrade, 8gb to start withh is a little overkill unless thhe map is Huge,
  18. It really depends on the how the server has been setup and how popular it is. But yeah, in most cases you are right.
  19. 4000÷50=80
    You have 4gb of ram (4000mb) you need at least 20mb per player (so I made it 50 cuz then ur sure its gonna run fine) so that = a server that can handle 80 players.
  20. And where do you get that values from? You can host 450 players on 12GB.

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