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  1. P=Players Pl=Plugins
    HUB P:5-15 Pl:10
    Creative P:15-30 PL:10-15
    Survival P:15-30 PL:20-30
    Prison P:15-30 PL:20-25
    Factions P:25-50 PL:20-30
    Minigames P:15-30 PL:20-30
    Hunger games P:15-30 PL 10-20
    Bungeecord P:0 only needs 1 gig to run PL: I think 0
    How many gigs of ram would i need for each server????
  2. saying the number of plugins doesnt really help in anyway, i could throw 50 lite plugins on a server and it would use less ram than 5-10 shit or large ones
  3. Haha, nice joke.

    Plugins do matter actually, and it's good that you said them. In general, ram isn't super important for players. Cpu is, but for your plugins, I'd have at least 1gb and another 2 - 4 gb for the players. But again, cpu is very important. For all those servers, I'd look at the Intel Xeon range.
  4. Oh my. He said that plugins do matter, but not how many. I could have 50 really simple ones like no weather changes and it'll run fine and 10 large or poorly coded ones would have more of an impact.

    Yes, it does as the chunks they are have loaded, their player object, ect. are stored in the RAM.

    How did you work this out?


    Minecraft is single threaded meaning that it doesn't benefit from the Xeon's extra cores and threads. Minecraft runs wayyyyyyyyyyy better on i5s / i7s CPUs, such as the i7-4790K, the i7-6700K, the i5-6600K, ect.
  5. Thanks for taking my post apart, but I'll have to do the same to you.
    I didn't say it didn't matter, I said it wasn't super important for players.
    Personal experience.
    Again, I said it wasn't super important but they still need some ram.
    I'm not too good on this subject, but from what I've heard, xeons are better if you have lot's of servers. He's not going to have all of these gamemodes on a single server, he'd have multiple servers, bungeecord. Afaik, the servers can use more than 1 core.
  6. And I'll do it to you again :p

    But it is...

    Really depends on what server you run though

    Unless you have a hypixel amount of servers, an i7 will outperform a xeon by milesssssssssssss

    Only bungee
  7. @MikeA told several times that a xeon is cheaper and still better for nearly the same things
  8. but mc is single threaded?
  9. holy autism batman what happened here

    an i7 6700k at stock speed has a single thread rating of 2351 according to here
    a xeon e5 1650 has a single thread rating of 1950 according to here

    minecraft will better utilize the single thread performance of that I7, you wont loose performance until you have a few servers running on it, then the xeon comes out on top thanks to its extra cores but in a single server env the i7 will smash the xeon is basically every test you throw at it
  10. What would you say is the amount of servers you need to have to consider switching from i7 to Xeon for better performance?

    To put it in a better way, what is the maximum amount of servers you can have until an i7 starts losing performance?
  11. Say you want optimal experience, after 4 servers. (1 core per server)
  12. Are you disregarding a Hub server? So 5 servers total including the Hub?
  13. id say one per core yeah. you could maybe push one per thread if you dont plan to have more than 20 or so players on it but you would be seriously pushing it
  14. No.. 4 servers, no matter what type.
  15. Alright thanks for the info.
  16. GaIaxy


    It's always a debate whether it comes to intel or Xeon. I'm running an i7 and 32GB of ram (soyoustart server, can't fully remember the details rn) and it's doing just fine.
  17. Interesting, but are you running multiple servers on it? Or just 1?
  18. GaIaxy


    Like 10?
  19. No, more like 3-6
  20. GaIaxy


    Me running 3-6 servers?

    The debate on if the i7 is good at single core tasks isn't really a debate. It all comes down to personal preference and how one manages the server. Throw crap plugins in that use high resources while being poorly managed, or get up to date plugins that are optimized to use less resources.

    Server owners probably don't upgrade to the i7 because they are running big networks. File transfer for such think is a terrible experience.
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