1.7.10 Spectator mode 1.7.10

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  1. I try to make a spectator mode for 1.7.10, I already figured out how to make a player so that his sword hits go through the spectating player. But I still didn't figure out how to make arrows go through the spectating player.
    All found was people spawning a new arrow but I don't like that solution at all!
    So my question would be if there is any way how I can disable a players hitbox for specific entities or overall just make those arrows go through a player without spawning a new one behind him.
    And as I said, I'm playing 1.7.10 so gamemode 3 does NOT exist.

    Hope y'all understand what I'm trying to say :D

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. That isn't necessarily just a modded server question, its the same with arrows. How do I make them go through players without teleporting the arrow (deleting it). If it is even possible?!

    Nevertheless thanks for every answer ;)
  4. not possible. if it were, it would have been done. some servers have this because they run custom servers. you cant do this with the default server/spigot.
  5. Can't you just use the LivingEntity#setCollidable method?
  6. its 1.7.10. this feature wont have been implemented for a few more years.