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  1. I have a whitelist server 1.10 and I am looking for a plugin for those who are not on the white list enter gamemode 3 viewer mode because many people request it but I can not find one and I would like to have it on my server for Those that are not added in the whitelist enter in viewer mode as in minecraft series of youtubers it does not matter if the plugin if it is premiun I am Latin and I am doing this for the google translator may have errors
  2. You could probably do it, but not in a whitelist, but a list in general. Make a command where when you type lets say /list *playername* it adds the name to a list, and when a player joins it checks the list, and if it's name is not there, set the gamemode

    I cant actually do this though because every single time I try a command I fail...
  3. Hey,

    I could do this later today. The commands will probably intercept the whitelist command, as I just found out how to do that. Anyway, the command will be the same as the whitelist command, but it wont work with the config. Will reply again with the plugin
  4. Sorry, I tried to do it but it's unable for some odd reason. This is the first time IntelliJ messed up for me. Hope you understand.
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  5. Do you want anyone to join whos not on whitelist?
  6. Mas


    He wants players who are not on the whitelist to ender Gamemode 3 (Spectator mode) when they join the server.

    Neither of these are necessary, just check the server whitelist when a player joins with Server#getWhitelistedPlayers()
    You're making things much more complicated than needs be :p
  7. Hey i know this is old, but i want the same, is there any plugin? What i want is that only people with an specific rank can play survival, the other ones play on spectator.
  8. Hi you need this