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  1. Hello! I am bored so I'm just doing some random things and am having a few problems, first of all, the speed check is bothering me by it saying, "Username is moving too fast!", is there a way I can disable that?
    This is why:

    public void onPlayerMoveActoins(PlayerMoveEvent ev) {
    Player player = ev.getPlayer();

    I also tried setting players WalkSpeed though I got a error with that here:https://hastebin.com/qakuxoqemi.cs
    here was the code I used for that:
    public void onPlayerDeathEvent(PlayerMoveEvent ev) {
    Player player = ev.getPlayer();
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  3. You can disable the alert of moving too fast by setting the multiplier in your config files higher.

    Spigot.yml > moved-too-quickly-multiplier