Solved Spider Jockey Removal Needed

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  1. I'm running spigot 1.9 and I need a plugin that removes the spider jockey spawn event. I've looked around and can't seem to find a plugin that prevents this feature. If anyone can send me to the right plugin I'd be most grateful.
  2. I'll try this when I get home. (Btw, if another coder is reading this, I wills just cancell the creature spawn event if the entity is a spider, and it's spawn reason is jockey?)
  3. You can block certain mobs spawning with world guard. Just set this as a flag in __global__ region. It's pretty exhaustive, so you can probably block jockeys. I use it quite frequently on our servers to block certain mobs spawning in areas, or at all.
  4. Id use /butcher
  5. No such entity.
  6. I want to remove them entirely not temporarily.
  7. ohhhhh
    do you have skript?
  8. I made a little plugin not long ago to block chicken jockeys. I'll add an option to block spider jockeys for you.
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  9. {Jockey Disabler}
    [Aliases: jd]

    /jockeydisabler toggle - Turns the plugin on/off
    /jockeydisabler reload - Reloads the config
    /jockeydisabler info - Displays plugin info
    /jockeydisabler help - Displays a list of commands

    jockeydisabler.toggle - Allows use of /jockeydisabler toggle
    jockeydisabler.reload - Allows use of /jockeydisabler reload


    Code (Text):
    disableSpiderJockeys: true
    disableChickenJockeys: true
    Note: This was made using the 1.10 version of the Spigot API.
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  10. This makes it twice you've saved me, thanks :)
  11. :O When was the first?
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  12. Lock pl0x
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