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Spigot 1.13.1 (I know in development and have issues)

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by CorrupT89, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. The world(s) isn't saving properly when you shut the server down (works fine when you just restart), according to console it does save the world(s) but in reality, its like spigot isn't writing the data to disk (Region files).

    I tested this by placing four blocks where I was standing, I restarted first blocks where still there, shut the server down and went back online the blocks where gone as well as a revert of roughly twelve hours back.

    Not sure if anyone else had this issue or if it was just me being very unlucky, I reported this to my host as well (McProHosting) and they said it was nothing on their side with restart/shutdown scripts e.t.c and according to console it seemed to have saved just fine.

    I have log files of this if you really want them but they aren't gonna tell you anything useful since it clearly states the server saves the world(s) every time according to the console. Not sure if you can replicate this error or if I was just really unlucky with having this issue.

    Awesome work on 1.13 so far, can't wait for it to become a bit more stable and out of early development keep up the good work.
  2. Can you reproduce this with "just" a clean latest nightly of 1.13.1 you compile yourself - without a control panel?

    Start the server
    log in
    place a few blocks

    and then start it again.. the blocks are gone?

    is the host maybe doing some fancy pancy useless ssd frequent-caching that's in the way?
  3. Used one of our test servers real quick, can't reproduce.
  4. Slightly off topic, but someone argued with me before about this, til they researched and realized i was correct, when you stop your server, it automatically runs a save all.... you don't need to run that command manually!
  5. Was just throwing it in there - you can see me try both in the video. Since he said his /stop wasn't doing it.. Both save + stop and just stop .. work fine.

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