Spigot 1.13.2 had no update?

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  1. Well, I dont know if is a dumb question but...

    The last release was in Tuesday, October 23 2018, its in the page:

    Always when I start my server I receive a warn msg to update the spigot.

    There is no new release since then? why the warn? I notice some bugs since the update. There is orther page then I can get a better version?

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  3. You shouldn't even be getting it there
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    It's not, and it's also illegal to have a direct download of the server jar. @OP, BuildTools exists for a reason and it's not to make your life more difficult. It is the only legal way to obtain the jar and you should follow the steps detailed above. This is how you get the most up-to-date builds of CraftBukkit and Spigot. The latest build is from yesterday

    I've redacted the links.
  5. Thanks to everyone! I will do as the guide!

    Edit: I use a external server with multicraft... I only need a .jar file to run the server... is that in the guide?
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  6. Guys, this made no sense to me. I have to install 2 programs to download a .jar? there is no direct link for the .jar? I just need this for put in multicraft. I dont know if you understand my situation, this programs looks like tools for someone do a plugin or something of the kind...
  7. It's called BuildTools, and you need to use it for anything above 1.8 I believe. Any Jar you've directly downloaded up until now is unofficial, could be dangerous (due to it not being official) and to some extent is even a tiny bit illegal, but that anyone is going to care about that though.
  8. Ok, thanks... looks a little too much for a noob like me, easier just have a download page...

    I am following the steps!
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    The steps may seem over complicated but ultimately it boils down to "Download Git Bash, download BuildTools, run BuildTools". The program does the rest for you and in a few minutes you'll have a server jar.
  11. Ok I got the jar, thanks!
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  12. Remove the "Download Git Bash" part, because you haven't had to do that for a long time.