Spigot 1.13 player shop plugin or Chestshop fix

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Kevin0565, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Is there a plugin like iConomy ChestShop but for 1.13 where players can make their own shops?
  2. ChestShop should work.... have you tried it?
  3. The "BeforeTransactionEvent" would not pass. Signs don't respond to players.
  4. Ah.. have you tried the build they're using on the Spigot Test server?
    Download HERE
  5. I tried it but all the shops that are created says "The shop cannot be used!"
  6. hmmmm... okay Then I have run out of options.
  7. Bump...I really need to get this working.
  8. "I really need to get this working." Why? Spigot has said numerous times its not production ready... so why are you in such a dire need for it? Plus I have tried and tested chestshop a few times with no problems. You probably have another plugin that is causing problems. Also which version of spigot are you running? And where did you get your spigot jar from?
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