spigot 1.15.2

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  1. Hello for survival server (private) with 12 players i need spigot or paper?
  2. Spigot will run it fine. You should also note that paper spigot isn't supported here.

    How well it will run will largely depend on how much ram you give it.
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  3. You may need to optimize it a little bit, bust just Spigot should be fine. You can check the first link of my signature for an optimization guide.
  4. Spigot.

    If you're hosting this at home, you should have an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps. 10+ would be better (which is pretty common now).
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  5. I have been in several discussions over recent months regarding MC 1.14.x and MC 1.15.x server performance issues.

    If you take some time to research these topics, you will find that ...

    Allocated memory does matter ...
    - too little and the server will suffer performance issues (Out of Memory Error)
    - too much and the GC can stall the server, to a point where the CPU will overload and the server will crash due to lost data.

    Advertising / advising to use an alternative server supplier (by name x, y, or z) is against the spigot.mc rules !
    Also see the Server Optimization Guide #386

    During November 2018 a friend of mine signed up to a 10GB ISP service and there were a lot of problems resolving Internet pages in the Firefox browser. After several days of speaking with the support staff, and carrying out some fact finding, and internet testing. I came to the conclusion that a 10G service would not be suitable.
    The local Telecoms center was only 1.5 miles away (which is where the 10G service is provided from). Because of latency in the telecoms line, by the time that the service reached the clients address the service signal was reduced below 4G (as reported by a survey site).
    The client location actually reported between 1G and 1.5G during many tests.
    One helpful ISP support resonded with... "Your Mobile service (4G) will perform better!"
    (Tethering a laptop to a mobile phone (cell-phone))
    Hence, we cancelled that contract and signed up to a 30G+ service, from there on there were no problems at all. Providing a stable 30G to 36G connection.
    And the cost was not much more than the 10G service contract !
    It was definately worth the change!
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  6. >cries in Australian.<

    4 is considered fast here. And to be honest, it's a LOT faster then the 700kbps we used to get 18 months ago.