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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    The long awaited CraftBukkit recommended build is upon us, along with a swathe of other new announcements which I suggest you check over at the Bukkit forums.

    The big points in this commit, especially for Spigot are:
    • Asynchronous chunk loading -> reduce toll chunk loading has on the server
    • Optimized tick loop -> perfect for GSPs, reduces idle load to nearly 0%
    • Nerfing of maps in item frames -> Only update once on chunk load, causes huge TPS increases
    • Chunk garbage collector -> remove chunks which have been left around for some reason, ensures RAM usage is consistent.
    You can checkout the full Bukkit changelog here http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/view/01707_1.4.5-R1.0/

    Important: As of this release, Spigot will be moving to a new patch based system. This means we can easily keep track of changes we apply to the source code, allowing for easy tracking of bugs, and ensuring a more stable server by only using select CraftBukkit commits. We will likely still have a branch with bleeding edge CraftBukkit commits for those of you who want it. Early 1.4.6 builds will still be applied with the old system.

    Special thanks to ammar2 who was the driving force in implementing async chunkloading.

    I don't know if this will be the last post from us before Christmas, but in any case, happy holidays to you all!

    ~Spigot Team
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  2. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Thanks, just patiently waiting for all my plugins to catch up.
    If they get to in time with the holidays some might not be able to. :(
  3. Intelli


    Good job guys!
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  4. Thanks again Spigot Team!
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  5. My first post! Hi ppl, going to start using spigot soon as my new years resolution.
  6. andrewkm

    Patron ⭐⭐

    Many thanks for the amazing work md_5 and everyone else! <3
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  7. PhanaticD


    awesome! lol and 1.4.6 just came out
  8. Release a 1.4.6 hack, like u did last night <3 x
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  9. Puremin0rez


    I think you may mean last TIME :p

    There already is one - I'm running it right now and there are some minor visual bugs, but it's working like a charm.
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  10. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    Link? ;)
  11. Does anyone have a 1.4.6 spigot link?
  12. Could you send me one?
  13. Puremin0rez


    Err, I have a fork compiled that has the 1.4.6 unofficial changes but it has NMS changes removed - which means any newer plugins won't work with it.
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  14. Could you private message me the link? I would like to test it out.
  15. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    That's the one I am interested in. :D
    I didn't bother trying to get all my plugins updated for the NMS change knowing 1.4.6 was a few days later.
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  16. It works fine, Just PEX doesnt work. Which i am trying to fix.
  17. Puremin0rez


    Yeah, PM me first please - i'm quite busy at the moment and can't be bothered starting a private conversation with you

  18. So much tease ;) Link for win
  19. Can someone PM me the 1.4.6 link
  20. me too, or send me tutorial how can i modify bukkit for hybrid old-new version.
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