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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    ATTN: Anyone using build 389 or above please upgrade to 396 or above, fixes crucial crash bug.

    I know there was no announcement for 1.4.6, but you guys all seemed to find it pretty well :), but I would like to use this post to promote both builds 387 and 396 as our 'recommended builds'.
    Build 387 is based on the same codebase you have seen in all prior builds, whilst 396 introduces fixes for two things which have plagued Spigot for a while:
    • Growth
    • Mob Spawning
    Thanks a heap to Aikar for these fixes.

    The Future
    The other reason I am promoting these builds now is so that you can have a stable build to stick to for as long as need be. Tomorrow the mainline Spigot repo will be transformed into a patch based repository, enabling you to see exactly what changed each and every Spigot commit, and enabling us to apply small fixes to the Bukkit codebase to where necessary (no new API functionality is planned).
    This change is expected to be messy and no doubt there will be some hiccups, but it is for the better.

    A huge thanks to Aikar whom is assisting us with this process, normal Spigot builds will be resumed and announced ASAP.

    I hope all of you and your communities had a great festive season / break, and together in 2013 we can help make Spigot even better!

    md_5 & the Spigot team

    PS: Inbuilt anti-xray is looking really efficient and nice, hope to have it up shortly after our patch migration is complete.
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  2. Absolution


    Inbuilt anti xray :O Thanks spigot team it's really good news. :cool:
  3. Puremin0rez



    I. LOVE. YOU.
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  4. You guys are awesome! Just wanted to say thanks again for helping the Minecraft community so much.
  5. Thank you guys so much! That is really awesome!
  6. Joy


    Time for some testing, thanks!
  7. Sway

    Artist Supporter

    Has anti-xray been added to any of the recent builds? :)
  8. Jigsaw


    :D That is what I was looking for! :)
  9. Inbuilt anti-xray! The gods are smiling upon us.
  10. I tried to get md_5 to fix the wording on this post last nigth, but my monster fix does not fix mob spawnining problems...

    It just makes the mob-spawn-range setting actually work (it was unused before), which can potentially cause more problems with mob spawning under some conditions >_>

    Reducing the mob spawn radius is what triggers the spawning issues more.
    So, if your view-distance is 8 or greater, you shouldn't of had issues with spawning, but now, if you reduce mob-spawn-radius below 8, you could have issues.

    Mob spawn problems is just a nasty issue all around with no clean fix but I have some ideas
  11. Since this build I've been having very good animal spawning (yay normal!) but very poor monster spawning (aww), any idea why I would be experiencing this? I've got my view distance on 10 (default) and mob-spawn-radius on default too. I had to change the monster limits to 200 to get near normal monster spawn rates :/
  12. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    I really hope the performance hit isn't too noticeable, but very glad to see built in system. :)

    Maybe the diamonds in my server won't sell for dirt cheap, even though I catch a couple a day and announce it when I do to scare em off. I keep getting a wave of xrayers, mostly new players that join.

    Vets are too scared too, as they seen me ban a few a day sometimes.
  13. ZachBora


    hey md_5 I think it'll give spigot another try tonight. I think we only tried it once.

    Perhaps soon Spigot with outrank PlotMe on mcstats ;)
  14. PhanaticD


    after installing 389 my performance went way up, thank you very much for the update!
  15. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    It really depends how you measure, it, I did bug Hidendra to change ranking on MCStats to favour my plugins such as BungeeCord and Spigot which have a huge player/server count, I havent checked, but although PlotMe might outrank Spigot, chances are we have a bigger player base ;)

    EDIT: Speaking of which, Spigot has around 3% market share.
  16. if your view-distance and mob-spawn-radius are both 8 or above, then the mob spawn commit is not doing anything for you, it won't change anything.
  17. PhanaticD


    what i discovered a long time ago to fix mob spawning issues was to kill them server-wide every half hour/20 minutes, have had no more complaints since setting that up
  18. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Just completed the change. Now to wait for all the bugs in our system to appear (auto updater untested)
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  19. PhanaticD


    i dont really get what this "new system" is, how is it different than what you have been doing?
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