Spigot 1.7 does not support the release version of Minecraft 1.7.2

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  1. I created a single player Minecraft 1.7.2 world and moved it over the lastest version of Spigot (one for minecraft 1.7).

    Its seems this version is not the same as the release version of minecraft because a lot of the trees visible in the single player game are not visible in the spigot server.

    Huge forests disappear and are replace with just dirt squares where trees should be.

    Knowing this ahead of time would have been good. I spent many hours looking for biomes which all of a sudden disappeared.

    When will the full spigot version be released so the Server matches the single player maps?

    To reproduce the problem use the release version of Minecraft to create a large biome map using this seed: -32234290.
    You will spawn by a large forest filled with large oak trees. The new 2x2 block ones.
    Copy the world folder over to your new Spigot folder and start the server.
    Use Minecraft 1.7.2 to enter the server.
    Note: All those trees will now be gone. On the ground is only a 2x2 dirt patch.
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  2. You should've read, my friend. It has been stated many times that the 1.7.2 release of spigot is only a protocol patch to make 1.7.2 clients work. Otherwise it's still a 1.6.4 server.
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  3. It says specifically at the top of the forum, "Please note that this version comes with no warranty, express or implied, and is completely unsupported". This Spigot 1.7 is a protocol patch, and is just 1.6.4 but allows for 1.7.2 to connect. That's it.
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  4. Affixes


    The only one you should be mad on is yourself.
  5. I believe the problem is entirely my own. I obviously jumped the gun and started up without the proper investigation.

    However in my defence, on the first page of this website and in the first paragraph it states:
    "Due to community demand we have released a 1.7 compatible version of Spigot. This can be found here. Please note that this version comes with no warranty, express or implied, and is completely unsupported. A fully supported 1.7 BungeeCord build may be found in the usual location."

    In that statement is not entirely clear its only a protocol change and still running a 1.6.4 minecraft JAR file. In my excitement I went right to the "here" link and updated my server.

    My bad.
  6. 1.7 compatible Not a 1.7 build just a compatible build.
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  7. I agree that it is unclear, however the fact that it is unsupported is not. I agree that its only when i tried it on my server that i realized it was/is a snapshot protocol.
  8. Knew this would happen, but I asked the big man himself to change the text on the announcement as it's wording is confusing but no dice. I don't think it was your fault personally, but what do I know, I'm just a server admin.
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  9. Does anybody know when the build 1.7 of spigot will released?
    What is it depending on?

  10. Before the end of time.
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  11. sure ;)

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