Spigot 1.8.5

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by justin2001, May 24, 2015.

  1. Can someone send me a spigot 1.8.5 file? I don't want to run buildtools. Thanks!
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  2. Sadly this isn't legal. The only way to get the spigot jar is by using buildtools.
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  3. Just give me straight away. Its legal.
    Post it and delete it in a minute.
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  4. What makes you think it's legal? We're using the buildtools method for a reason.
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  5. Please send me and delete it in a minute.
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  6. ???
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  7. You are selfish
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  8. We are following the law. If you dont want to run buildtools then dont run a server!

    (Edit: You would most likely be banned if you shared a link to a download)
  9. Why 'don't u want to'?
    You don't know how, do you?
  10. you are all selfish!
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  11. Nope. We are just good citizens that follow the law.
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  12. No, we just dont want to get banned for someone who is lazy.

    (E: Flo was faster!)
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  13. The reason there is no direct download link is one its against the law and 2 by not providing a link minecraft servers are still about. This is all because of a DMCA takedown which happened to bukkit and spigot.


    @md_5 and the dev team have worked really hard to keep minecraft servers alive. If you want to have a server then you will have to compile build tools yourself. Also we are not selfish as we are following the law you are just lazy to compile it. It's not hard!
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  14. Thanks for clarifying, but please don't tag md_5. If everyone does this, he won't see the important threads on the forum.
  15. Woow. Just woow.
    Even if some nice people would not care for the law just to be nice and send it, you really made sure they wont do it for you with all these comments...
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  16. Why havent you help me in my project?
  17. What makes you think we are obligated to break the law in order to help you?
  18. It's not legal.
    Here's a full set of instructions if you're too lazy to find out yourself:
    1. Download Git and install it
    2. Download BuildTools
    3. Open your Downloads folder
    4. Right click
    5. Click on "Git Bash"
    6. When it opens, type
      Code (Text):
      java -jar BuildTools.jar
    7. Wait
    8. You have Spigot.
    If you don't use Windows, tell me. If you don't have Java, download it.
  19. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Now now.
    @justin2001 Why don't you want to run build tools? There's easy to follow instructions on the Wiki too.
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