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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by justin2001, May 28, 2015.

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  1. I have a bug with spigot 1.8.6. When I change my spigot from 1.8.3 to 1.8.6, it cant spawn any mobs. Do someone have this bug? And who knows how to fix it?
  2. Please list your plugins
  3. Do you have this problem?
  4. He asked you to list your plugins.

    If you feel this is a Spigot issue (which I doubt) report it here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/ on the JIRA
  5. My plugin dont have problem so far.
  7. No, but they are likely causing the issue.

    And why did you quote one of your posts?
  8. Basically what we're saying is that a plugin installed on your Spigot server may be interfering with mob spawning. So to help you, we're going to need a list of those plugins.
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  9. Sorry I was offline for a bit, We need to see a list of your plugins so we can see whats causing the issue...
  10. But when I use spigot 1.8.3, there are no problem. But after I change to spigot 1.8.6, mobs cant spawn. Why?
  11. This definitely sounds like a problem with a plugin... Is it certain mobs that aren't spawning or some and what are you using to spawn them, spawn egg, spawner, code, command???
  12. NMS versioning was changed in the update, in other words its likely a plugin isn't updated to 1.8.6.
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  13. My ZavAutoMessager and Ban Manager also can't work. Here is the console when I type /plugins:
    Plugins (43): §aWorldEdit§f, §aHealthBar§f, §aEasyElevator§f, §aChunkFixer§f, §aEssentials§f, §aBarAPI§f, §aClearLag§f, §aBypassSlots§f, §aChatControl§f, §aWorldBorder§f, §aLockette§f, §aVotifier§f, §cBanManager§f, §aWorldGuard§f, §aMultiverse-Core§f, §aProtocolLib§f, §aAutoSaveWorld§f, §aSkinsRestorer§f, §aEssentialsXMPP§f, §aObsidianBreaker§f, §aEssentialsProtect§f, §aEssentialsGeoIP§f, §aEssentialsChat§f, §aPermissionsEx§f, §aEssentialsAntiBuild§f, §aTrophyHeads§f, §aVault§f, §aGAListener§f, §cZavAutoMessager§f, §aEssentialsSpawn§f, §aMassiveCore§f, §aEnjinMinecraftPlugin§f, §aChestShop§f, §aRankup§f, §aTrade§f, §aAuthMe§f, §aHolographicDisplays§f, §aSilkSpawners§f, §aWhatIsIt§f, §aFactions§f, §aCombatTagPlus§f, §afloAuction§f, §aScoreboardStats
  14. ZavAutoMessager, Ban Manager, and SilkSpawners need updated for 1.8.6.

    if your problems continue after you've done that let me know :)
  15. All the mobs are invisible. Is not the plugin problem because i have try to remove all the plugins but the mobs still are invisible. Please help me. Somethimg cause my two plugin to fail and all the mobs are invisible.
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  16. I figured out. Its my minecraft problem or pc problem that make the mob invisible. My friends dont have this problem. Do anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Is your client modded?
  18. Yes. And i dont know why my ban management and zav auto messager wont work.
  19. Remove your mods and try again. This will see if its a client issue.
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