Spigot 1.8.8-R.01 player kick client

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  1. Hey there,
    I am Jaime, owner of MineAqua server, a spanish community.
    Recently we had problems with the users, by a "hacker" who used a self hacked client and make disconnect the players.
    - No logs
    - No error
    - No Crash
    Just kick the players

    I tried with any plugin (Antijigsaw, NoCrash, CustomPayloadFixer, ViaVersion modificaciones and anticheats)

    The client is called Jessica-Client, and works on another servers.
    I am looking for help, to solve that problems, not only for me, for all the community.​
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  2. No offense intended but Is your server running on offline mode? I only see this issue when servers are running in offline mode if it is then I can help you with less than 20 lines of code to patch this problem
  3. Ok let me just look if the plugin already existed on spigot if not I will code it myself haha too lazy
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  4. Correct me if I am wrong but does this relate to the error "Player has logged in from another location" ? what was the kick message?
  5. already found the client scanning it now for malwares on my vm lol. For now you can still look for other alternative as I do not know what I will find or If I will solve this.
  6. Choco


    It's for this reason we do not support offline servers, especially those running 3 year old software. You're intentionally turning off Mojang's authentication and security for your server, expect to have these types of exploits.
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  7. Yeah you have a point I agree.

    But.... I have an itch in my mind that can not go away :)

    I need an opinion if I use the AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent to get the player UUID then check for players already logged in if it already contains the UUID then put the AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent result to deny would this solve the problem without complication?
  8. I got a perfect fix.
    Follow the following instructions.
    1. Download Buildtools
    2. Run the following command java -jar BuildTools.jar
    3. Copy the spigot file that is produced into your server folder
    4. Run the new Spigot without file.
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  9. I got the fix, thanks @MCUniversoCraft
    (private plugin fix)
  10. Can you tell us what it was, to help other server owners?
  11. I do not know, because UniversoCraft programmed the solution, UniversoCraft is a very big minecraft network.