Spigot 1.8.8 SNAPSHOT

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  1. Try removing AntiBot-Ultra
  2. If I remove AntiBot-Ultra, they can bot attack to my server. For this, what's your preference?
  3. Try a different anti bot plugin and see if the problem keeps comming
  4. Ask Antibot Ultra dev to fix it ofc too

    He should try to use AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent instead
  5. AntiBot-Ultra does in fact listen to the AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent. As you can clearly see from the console log, the event is run on thread-239 and NOT on the server thread.
    Or, you can go ahead and decompile it and see for yourself. (there's a github link for it but it doesn't work)
  6. Oh. You're right. I did not watch enough at the stack trace.

    Ok new theory: The crash / unresponsiveness is caused by a crash client.
  7. Add more RAM memory, stop responding error is because you are running too many plugin for your current memory.
  8. no

    edit: to be more clear: This does NOT look like its related to memory being full.
    In genernal more memory does not lead to better performance.
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  9. Then stop creating forums if you refuse the correct fix, don’t start a server if you have no budget for proper host.
  10. You do realize he's not the OP, right?

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