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  1. LoneDev


    Is it normal that Spigot 1.9 doesn't show colors in console?
    My 1.15 server is showing colors correctly while 1.9 doesn't.
    Is there any way to activate this feature?
    I tried 1.9 on my Windows cmd and in Pterodactyl console, same result.

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    Not aware of any differences in console support between the versions, but that being said 1.9 is out of date so even if it was bugged/broken in that version it won't be fixed.
    I'd check to make sure everything is set up identically.
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  3. LoneDev


    Thanks for the info.
    So there is no option to toggle colors in console, right? Maybe a java arg to force some sort of encoding?
    I think it's an issue with Pterodactyl panel as I tested with a fresh build of 1.9 and I see colors in Windows cmd..

    Strange as this has no sense to me, why would Pterodactyl panel not show colors on 1.9 while 1.14-15 do?
  4. Check the log4j2.xml file to make sure it's not killing the colors.
  5. LoneDev


    Didn't know about this, interesting.
    Do you know where I can get the default file with colors enabled?
    I found online that I can put a custom file using this java arg: -Dlog4j.configurationFile=log4j2.xml
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  7. If you're not using that command line switch, it will use the one which is already embedded in the Spigot .jar file. You can use WinRAR to look at it. Check the embedded one to see if it's doing anything with colors.

    Don't use the current version with 1.9.