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  1. md_5

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    Some exciting news this month, for the last few weeks we have been working hand in hand with Facebook™ to arrange an acquisition deal.

    We started Spigot with the mission of creating a bleeding edge, optimized version of the Minecraft Server, to allow everyone to experience the joy of running a Minecraft Server without having unrealistically high end hardware. When Facebook first approached us about partnering, we were skeptical. As we learned more about the company and its vision and spoke with Mark, the partnership not only made sense, but became the clear and obvious path to furthering Spigot’s cause. Facebook was founded with the vision of making the world a more connected place. Minecraft is a medium that allows us to share experiences with others in ways that were never before possible.

    Facebook is run in an open way that’s aligned with Spigot’s culture. Over the last decade, Mark and Facebook have been champions of open software and hardware, pushing the envelope of innovation for the entire tech industry. As Facebook has grown, they’ve continued to invest in efforts like with the Open Compute Project, their initiative that aims to drive innovation and reduce the cost of computing infrastructure across the industry. This is a team that’s used to making bold bets on the future.

    In the end, I kept coming back to a question we always ask ourselves every day at Spigot: what’s best for the future of Spigot? Partnering with Mark and the Facebook team is a unique and powerful opportunity. The partnership accelerates our vision, allows us to execute on some of our most creative ideas and take risks that were otherwise impossible. Most importantly, it means a better Spigot with fewer compromises and an even faster development cycle.

    Suffice it so say, social network integration will be but an obvious path for the future of Spigot, including the ability to link your Facebook account with your Spigot account, sharing your server’s daily moments on Facebook and much more, all coming soon.

    We would appreciate it if you liked us on Facebook in order to gauge the impact of this news.

    ~Spigot Team
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  2. I refreshed and the first thing I thought "ohh god.. not facebook again" and after a few seconds I realized it is April first.
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  3. I found a problem. We can't share this post on Facebook. Please fix.
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  4. Pfff

    EDIT: I think this layout looks quite cool. Even though it's temp. :(
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  5. Wait, so is it a partnership or an acquisition..?
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  6. [​IMG]
    HaHa I see what you did there.

    So does this now mean that I can complain about my life on here?

    (Not going to lie kind of diggin the blue)
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  7. At least it is april 1st :p
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  8. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Is there a difference?
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  9. Spigot should really try the blue colours for a few weeks! x)
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Not when Facebook is involved.
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  12. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Big thanks to Mark who bought all Spigot staff dinner.
    Caviar is simply devine!
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  13. Puremin0rez


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  14. tl;dr @md_5 thought he would try and be funny (he failed horridly), instead he made all of the people who don't know that there is a day for bad pranks like this called "April fools day" mad at him. Good job.
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  15. I like blue colors
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  16. I can see the future of spigot! Social integration into every block! Every torch, every stairstep! Share it all, on the world's biggest social network!
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  17. joehot200


    I was surprised about how you were actually talking to the creator of facebook... Until I realized the date.
  18. SkyServers


    Excellent work md_5!
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