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  1. I have some code that I was given from mine craft 1.7.2. It uses spigot and spigot-api.jar. I do not know what spigot.api is because it is not on the website here. How can I find this and use it as a dependency?
  2. Googling articles just isn't your thing, is it? I mean it's right there on the front page...

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  3. Read the OP. He wanted the spigot API.jar
  4. Read the Wiki article. You have to build it, there's no download link.
  5. I know but the article says it's possible but never says how. The op needs to know how. I read the article but when you compile it where's the spigot API? Never seen it when I compile.
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  6. When you build it it makes a few directories, one called "Spigot-API" if you look under the folder "target" you'll see that illusive jar OP is hunting for.
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  7. Oh damn, didn't know. I only really pay attention to the jars in the root directory of where build tools were. Thanks though did not know.
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  8. It's all good, no worries. I over look things too :)
  9. Well what we just did will help others so.. Ye.

    I know that there is differences between spigot and spigot API. Most stuff works on spigot.jar but the API has some other stuff... Don't remember what. But what exactly is different from spigot and spigot API? The jars... Also don't be a smart ass and be like the name.........
  10. The difference is the name.

    The real difference is the Spigot jar you use to run your server includes Minecraft code and the implementation of the SpigotAPI jar. Really all the API jar is, is a list of sorts saying what you can use, where as the Server jar not only includes this list but makes it work too.

    I like to think about it as the API is just a menu, but the Server JAR is the menu and the steps of how to cook the food.
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  11. Ahh ok, thanks.
  12. There is a download link, actually.

    @Javeh the Spigot API is hosted on their nexus server. You can either use Maven (preferred) or download it from the link above and add it manually.
  13. so I need the 1.7 jar. Will build tools make the server jar and the api jar ?
  14. 1.7 Jar?
  15. I'm not sure if there's still a 1.7 API jar publicly hosted. I'm sure you can get some unofficial jars if you google for it.
  16. does build tools let you build 1.7? If so, you can maybe grab the API from that. Do NOT quote me on this, I am guessing.
  17. build tools does not build 1.7 jar, you'll need to google around, you could get the #1649 spigot jar (it allowes 1.7&1.8, based on 1.7.10).

    The Spigot-API is still available here: http://repo.md-5.net/content/groups/public/org/spigotmc/spigot-api/
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  18. Wait, there still something to defining some parameter from libarary and hint it in eclipse
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