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Would this be a good idea?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

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  1. Will Spigot ever get an IOS/Android Application?

    I think this would be really cool and would bring the community together. We can check on Resource Reviews and Topic Posts on the go!

    What do you think?
  2. http://m.imgur.com/TDsyVEq?r
    Its already set for mobile use!
    Taptalk also lets you do this!

    There is NO reason to have an official app. Everything is already formatted nicely on xenforo mobile or though Taptalk.
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  3. Really?!?!

    I have an application but it's just a shortcut to the web version..

    Is this on app store?
  4. What do you think a spigot forums app will be... Just another formatted web version of it... I just clicked add to homepage, when you open it on an iphone it auto formats.. What is wrong with that? What does an app do that the web version wont do? Why would someone remake something that is already there??
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  5. Apps are a lot smoother and phone friendly. It's just an opinion. You are becoming hostile over my opinion. Please leave.
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  6. Tapatalk. Done.
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  7. I notice some people don't think before they post, and I am here trying to understand your thought process. I just don't understand the point of this...

    You have Spigot website, which works great and is nicely designed for mobile "on the go"
    You have TapTalk, which is an app designed to do things like this, and is nicely designed for mobile "on the go"

    And now you want someone to sit and make an iOS/Android app, recreating everything-- Just for Spigot? Just so things are smoother (not like they aren't smooth through TapTalk and the mobile website) and more native? I don't think anyone would do this, it is not worth their time at all, especially when there are already options for mobile views.

    It's just an opinion.
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  8. 4chan


    Your siggy is so cringey.
    That siggy-code is awful.
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  9. ;-;

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  10. Okay you can wipe the sweat if you'd like. I would prefer an app, end of.
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  11. What aren't you understanding here lol

    Tapatalk IS an app

    Or you can even add a webpage as an app into the home screen as like a book mark.

    But either way there IS an app called Tapatalk which was built to format forums like this into an app. No one is going to make an app just for spigot (at least with good quality-- which I assume you want so it is "smoother and friendly"). Download Tapatalk, which is not specifically for spigot but will format it.

    Maybe a picture will help you understand there is an app since Somehow you looked over the five times people said Tapatalk.


    And here is the link:
    Tapatalk - Discussions and Chat about Cars, Photography, Games and other Interests by Quoord Systems

    There is your app
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  12. I get there is this... But i don't want it. I get no one is going to do the app, i didn't ask someone to. I said it would be cool. End of story, i am allowed my own opinion and you can't justify my opinion. I am not arguing over this.
  13. Well, then you should change your poll title. From "would it be cool" to "Isn't it cool" since there is already an app for it.
  14. Because that doesn't annoy anyone....

    The web version of Xenforo works fine
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  15. The salt is real.
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  16. Hey guys, wouldn't it be cool if we could carve the corners off of cubes to give them a rounder shape? Like...you could totally ROLL the "block" where as before you'd have to flip it over, and over, and over again to get it to where you wanted it.

    Oh, also, wouldn't it be cool if there was an app that, instead of txt'ing, would send messages to people and those messages could be ANY length you wanted?! I mean like...come on, how has this NOT been created yet.

    What if, and wouldn't it be cool, if I could contact other people's COMPUTERS just like I do when I use my phone. BUT, because it's a computer, I would have this app that showed me some sort of document they made if I called their computer with this app. Like a page. So, with enough people with these computers you can "call" it'd be like a PageNet. Holy shit, I'm a genius, amiright guys?! Look at my tits!
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  17. Vagdedes


    Don't forget about Windows phone. Windows Store needs a lot of apps to be uploaded
  18. Hahahahaha no one uses windows and no one needs to upload anything they can easily Judy leave it or since no one uses it
  19. Lol - I was waiting to see who would take this bait. Not YOU, Synapz!!! Noooooooo!

    I think he was laying out some sargasm because Microsoft recently announced they were stopping all production of Windows phone. @Vagdedes Gr8 B8 M8!
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  20. Vagdedes


    Ok someone needs to change to android. :p My bad