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What do you think about a spigot mobile app?

  1. It's cool

  2. No way

  1. Hello, i'm a complete noob in this field, but i would like to make make something like a petition or dunno what to ask somebody to make spigot Spigoteer again making a Spigot Official Application for android etc. What do you think about it?
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  2. You can just use tapatalk if you really want an app
  3. TheJavaHacker


    This was suggested and denied within an instant. Not happening.
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  4. I like the idead and wished we would have one all the time. There is just the one point. Spigot is based on Xenforo wich is an online forum software. This means they would have to like code a new app that is doing the same then spigot and transfers all the data between both of them. the app and the website. The second possability would be you just create a shortcut to the spiogot site on your phone.

    You can open it with one click then
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