Spigot assigned a new seed# after crash, how do I get back to my original seed?

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  1. Using MCprohosting and we had two hard crashes when there where not even any players on. Supposedly caused by insufficient memory, they say. 2gb and 2-3 players avg. Several grinders are broken now and looking closer we find that the seed has changed. The hosting company says it was spigot that changed the seed number and that it no fault of theirs, of course. They have no suggestions on how to fix it and outside of the areas folk have traveled we have the typical cliffs of doom damaged spawn chunks. How can I at least get the seed # reverted to the original, so I can attempt repairs on the damaged chunks?
  2. This situation seems highly implausable.

    You can obtain the original 'seed' from an earlier log file and put it into the 'level-seed=' within the spigot.yml
    This will not change anything that has been changed in recent 'world' saves.
    The Hosting provider may have a usable backup from before the failure occured.

    I would strongly suggest that the cause would have been ...
    1. Someone was configuring the server and did something wrong.
    2. A rogue plugin (Pirated, including code to deliberatly damage files)
    2. The storage drive (or, system handling) failed.

    The best way of recovering from such a situation would have been ...
    Do your own server backups using FTP (SFTP)
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  3. Heh, well I feel that is was closer to point #2 the second, part 2 "system handling". They also keep losing my login info on a weekly basis. I do not have high faith in MCprohosting at this point. The personal ftp backup solution is of course the obvious hindsight, which we did, but should have done more than once a month. There are other things too, but I'm just a user who has been called on to help fix things because I'm a good builder, lol Apparently that means something to the community. Being so low in the decision making chain that led to now, all I can do is shop duck tape at this point. But learning a bunch in the process. I'll look into the spigot.yml, thank you.
  4. Is it not known after years that mcprohosting is a complete dump of a place? sorry for your loss op. good luck
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  5. TBH I know how your players will be disapointed.
    Recovering from such a situation would be difficult and I would suggest that you complain to the Hosting provider. (They may offer a resolution and a deal for your inconveiniance)
    If they are not prepared to investigate and resolve your problem (also 'losing my login info') - Change your hosting provider, and use the last good FTP backup for the replacement server.
    Of course you can only apologize to your players for the cause of the problem.

    TODO: use at least weekly FTP backups if not daily.
    I do not know the details, but a scheduled backup to another server (cloud) should be possible.

    I have just realized that the Spigot logs do not provide the world seed anymore since 1.13.2
    Code (Text):
    Preparing start region for level minecraft:overworld (Seed: ... )
    An alternative would be to type /seed as op in- game or seed into the consol when the server is first configured. That way that log will contain the seed, which you can copy for later.
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  6. This remembers me to the days I rented a DODS Server with 24 Slots. The Server kept crashing and crashing the host sayed that it is my fault because of plugins. I rented then a dedicated server in another company and learned linux all by myself and hosting on it. And of course I made mistakes. Of course I had to learn a lot. But now I am glad I did this step. Now I can do everything my heart desires with my box. No limitations in slotnumbers and workarrounds for some problems etc.
  7. Who would you suggest for a small community of intensive vanilla players?
    just out of curiosity.
  8. Strahan


    Personally, I like Bisect Hosting. They've been decent for me and cheap.
  9. I've been using Bisecthosting for 2 years now, and their service is basically flawless. I use their Premium hosting.
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  10. Strahan


    I've used them off and on over the years, shutting the acct down when I get bored of MC and renewing when I get back into it heh. The 12GB premium plan is what I typically use. I currently have a budget 4 GB package that I setup for a Spigot user who needed a testbed server. Even the budget package works great. Their support is also fast and friendly when I needed them.
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  11. I do not recommend any minecraft host simple due to how it is shared hosting with a bunch of other servers under high-load, and the demographic of people that run these hosts tend to be a younger audience that learned how to setup a control panel. A VPS is often better than a minecraft host because not everyone is running intensive tasks on their VPS at once, but a dedicated server is much better in every way besides the cost.

    That being said, if you have no experience with linux and do not care to spend the time; minecraft hosting for a simple vanilla server might be your best bet. I don't have any recommendations sorry op.
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  12. md_5 has said that shared Minecraft hosting is superior to using a VPS.

    And a dedicated server is not "better in every way besides cost". You're ignoring the amount of time required to run a dedicated server.
  13. This thread seems to have gone off-topic
    However, I would like to know where you got this impression?
  14. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Better performance for less money
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  15. That seems debateable ;)
  16. I fully agree with your assessment of hosting in general but the community I am trying to help simply doesn't have the right machine with the right Admin with the right connection, all in the same time and place,heh. I am still learning and should not be pushing other peoples buttons yet, so to say. And I'm just lending a hand since most of them work full time jobs w/families and didn't have a few days to do a deep dive into the current hosting scene. But thanks for the feedback to everyone here!