Resource Spigot/Bukkit API & Javadoc List [1.5-1.16]

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  1. Hello,

    I just created an ergonomic list containing spigot & bukkit API (with online & offline javadoc) between Bukkit 1.5 and Spigot 1.16. This list is really "in case of", working as a mirror. The main purpose will be to add some "tools" that may helps developpers.
    They are takken from Spigot nexus, except for Bukkit.

    Sans titre.png


    Version availability: Check if a class or a member/method is available between the versions.This can be usefull for example, to check if an enum was into a version or not.
    1.png 2.png 3.png

    For any idea/suggestions, contact me.
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  2. 1.5.....seriously?
    That's pretty much pointless..
    Most of these can easily be gotten via other methods as well
    just by using --generate-docs
    You can't even really anything less than whatever the oldest version spigot support without illegal methods, so why bother adding them

    Edit: If you really want javadocs for a certain version, you can find them here
  3. Hopefully not the spigot ones. And hopefully an original link to the Minecraft server jar provided by Mojang.
  4. or the bukkit ones.
    and most likely the spigot/bukkit jars, otherwise it would be useless.
  5. I didn't mean the API's. Hopefully he is not distributing Craftbukkit/Spigot-IMPL jars.

    Edit: servers .jar implicates that's the implementation.
  6. The jars currently downloadable don't include NMS or the CraftBukkit stuff
  7. See my edit.
  8. Why not? :p I'm sure someone somewhere is still running a 1.5 server, and they may or may not need 6 year old documentation for their... 6 year old server version. Who knows!

    I think it's a valuable archive, and the thing about javadocs is, like you said, they're easily generated. I see no harm in mirrored documentation, even for incredibly old versions.
  9. There's only one person i know of who's going back that far, and they're currently ruining their reputation
  10. Wow.. so much negative thoughts here..

    The only goal of this resource is to have an easily accessible api/javadoc for any versions, who act also as a mirror. It's not a must-have or something, it's just a lambda resource which maybe could help somes.
    Also, as I written, some tools are coming.
    @Optic_Fusion1 you stayed blocked because I had put also older versions. If I had them, why not also putting them online? Your critics sounds a bit selfish: YOU probably don't need, but others maybe.
    Yes, you have to download them etc.; here it's already online.
    Thanks @Rezz.
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  11. I mean if you need the latest version of the javadocs

    In most cases you'd want them downloaded however since you could access them from your IDE
  12. Almost starting to believe you are losing something by him putting HIS time into this.
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  13. I think this is actually quite a useful resource despite what some others are saying, I prefer having the JavaDoc online rather than having to download and build myself.

    Im not really sure what your problem with this is? There is nothing wrong with what he is doing he is simply providing an easier method of browsing each versions JavaDoc.
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  14. This is pretty cool. I often could use a way to look through older javadocs when I'm working on compatibility. Thanks
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  15. Choco


    Don't do this. There's a reason BuildTools exists. Distributing the server jar is against Mojang's ToS. Before you say "BUT THIS WEBSITE DOES IT!"... we're aware... That's their problem, they're vulnerable to legal action from Mojang.

    Might I advise you download the API jars from Spigot's Nexus? You're hosting the API jars yourself, the latest version of which may be incredibly out of date and lacking API features for newer developers. While it's appreciated having a mirror for the jars, it's also just confusing. I suggest you either link to the Nexus or direct the download to the Nexus.
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  16. Wrong. Maybe you forgot about wolverness's DMCA on Bukkit in 2014 when bukkit's license was invalidated?
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  17. What? I don't see how that makes choco wrong; distributing the server jar is against Mojang's ToS. The DMCA was just Mojang's excuse to start "enforcing" it, but most certainly not the sole reason.
  18. You wouldn't fancy adding the Bungeecord JavaDoc's to this would you? They're completely broken on the hub at the moment.
  19. Understood; i'll not put the server jar.

    I will add them, those days. (y)
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