Spigot & BungeeCord 1.15.2

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  1. Yeees... I just built the new version to test some plugins, and yes, I get it now. :)
  2. Great news for this morning.
    Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the update and the clear information in the frontpage article.
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  4. I think the GUI will never look like this
  5. Just a curious question. What was the idea behind enabling the standard GUI again?
  6. More RAM usage so it can crash your pc then set it on fire so you don't have pc anymore.
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  7. @MartenM one use case I can imagine is accidentally double-clicking the jar file, causing it to spawn a java process without a gui to kill it. When you have 5 unnamed 'java.exe' processes running knowing which to kill in task manager isn't trivial. (I usually end up killing my IDE and minecraft client before hitting the right one)

    I do not see in the changelog that since last night the CraftLegacy class was moved from util to legacy package directory, and now prints a warning when first used by a plugin.
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  8. MiniDigger


    you can right click in taskmanager to show the command line that was used to start the processes, its super helpful for these situations.
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  9. @MiniDigger is this a windows 8/8.1 or windows 10 feature? I'll have to give up my religious use of Windows 7 eventually I suppose :p
  10. Ah that's actually a pretty neat yeah. I can also see how it would make it easier for new users (no starts scripts?!?!? :D ).
  11. Windows 7 is EOL . It is unsafe to use it. UPGRADE NOW
    Also that 8 and 8.1 suck. There was a microsoft trend that they release good version of windows after a couple of years (for example XP - 7 - they're 8 years apart and vista is between them which sucks, same for 7 - 10 but version it is 8 and 8.1 and years is 6). I say was because it is known that microsoft won't make a completely new windows version, but rather update windows 10 (perhaps) forever.
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  12. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Because the class is not API, all methods even remotely close to being API should have been accessed through the Unsafe values API interface which was not moved.
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  13. Well, I do know of a number of official government departments which are using Windows 95!

    But, they continue to use custom coded applications at a pretty basic level compared to todays offerings, and will more than likely be linked through a reasonably new Server Network.

    You could probably develop a Java Minecraft Server on an old system, but it would not be suitable to run any newer Minecraft Server past MC 1.9 as a live server, due to the system performance limitations, and vulnerabilities.


    Could someone clarify the --GUI situation? I thought that this was Client side, for the display GUI processor?
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  14. Choco


    If you were to run the vanilla server jar, there is a primitive server management panel. Stop button, player list, console window, etc. Very basic. CraftBukkit used to hide this by default but now you have to hide it yourself with the --nogui startup flag.
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  15. z__


    That's just a wrapper though, which there are a few decent ones out there still being maintained if that's what you really need. Just search Minecraft Wrappers.

    Years ago I highly preferred having a wrapper for multiple servers... Past that now...
  16. Exactly what do you mean with
    Do we have an alternative to ItemStack to hold non-item materials?
  17. You can't hold non item materials. Ie: you can't hold AIR, POTATOES (that's the block, POTATO is the item), etc.
  18. Ohhhh these, I see. "You must not hold materials which can't be picked up in inventory"