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  1. Just explain them that they can stay on their latest compatible version. It's just fine for them.
  2. BuT tHeN tHeY wIlL sAy ThAt NeW vErSiOnS sUcK bEcAuSe Of ThE pVp MeChAnIcS
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  3. I rephrase it.
    Just explain them that they can stay on their latest compatible version of the plugin Version x.y.z. It works as long as they aren't changing much on their server. A new plugin update doesn't mean that the old plugin version stops functioning. :D
  4. I'm looking forward to the nether update but was not originally planning on regenerating the nether portion of our world. Although with this kind of a major update, it would be easier than the painstaking manual edits I did to the overworld with 1.13 - just delete the entire nether folder, and let the world rebuild it from scratch when we enter a portal. Right now the nether is just a bunch of pathways we've carved out, with signs pointing to portals to various dispersed bases. Aside from placing a door and small enclosed area at each portal, we didn't do any kind of extensive builds. We made use of quartz, cobble, and stone blocks to build bridges and mark off paths in a dotted line format so they'd show up visibly against the dim red background, but otherwise left it all netherrack. We have nether travel down cold at the moment, we know where everything is and have the paths to quickly get there, but we also have teleport coordinates of all of our bases, so we COULD use 1.16 as an opportunity to reset it all and explore from scratch again while still keeping fast travel between bases in a pinch. I'll have to ask the kid what he thinks. It could be a very fun challenge and breathe some life back into the underworld. It would also likely reset all the fortress locations though.

    (I will have to recreate our initial entry point for posterity - right now, the very first portal we ever built opens into an enclosed cave in the nether filled with trees and flowers, with a sign saying "Welcome to hell, enjoy your stay")
  5. I recommend using a schematic... if you have WorldEdit, that is :)
  6. Or, if you want to keep your old nether, you could keep it around as a travel dimension of sorts and generate a new nether as well. You could differentiate which nether you go to by the shape or size of the portal or something.
  7. Yeah, but the thing is that if you add new feature in the jar where you don't support 1.8 kIdS sTaRt CoMpLaInInG tHaT tHeY dOnT hAvE iT
  8. Don't have WorldEdit installed, but to be honest the nether we have explored is ... kinda boring at this point? My son and I talked and he's excited about re-exploring the nether, it will also mean we won't have to travel thousands of blocks from home just to find the new ores and biomes. I'll keep the original as a backup, but aside from the muscle memory of what direction to turn in the tunnels we dug to navigate, there's not a lot there that I'll be sad to lose, given what we gain in return. (Overworld, yes, we did a TON of manual edits to keep as much of our original build as we could while still resetting the villages and water areas with 1.3 and 1.4, respectively... but it's still jarring to have a cave or mine just end suddenly when a reset chunk and an "original" chunk meet. Started the world on 1.8 something and have continuously updated it since.)
  9. ooh. I supose I wont be using this because of 1.8 pvp :)
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  10. Now we have a server to DDoS :)
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  11. I've been running the Optifine previews for a little while now (from pre2 through current pre6) and it seems to be fine? Pre2 would occasionally give me some weird effects (some walls would become transparent, or textures would stretch out like raytracing lines depending on viewing angle, went back to normal after restarting game) but have not seen these bugs repeated with pre4 and up. I'm just happy to have dynamic lighting back again!
  12. Latest --rev 1.15.2 giving me this today:
    Code (Text):

    [23:30:07] [Server thread/ERROR]: POI data mismatch: never registered at BlockPosition{x=-144, y=64, z=100}
    [23:30:12] [Server thread/ERROR]: POI data mismatch: never registered at BlockPosition{x=-155, y=65, z=99}
    [23:30:15] [Server thread/ERROR]: POI data mismatch: never registered at BlockPosition{x=-169, y=64, z=98}
    [23:30:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: POI data mismatch: never registered at BlockPosition{x=-176, y=63, z=70}
    [23:30:29] [Server thread/ERROR]: POI data mismatch: never registered at BlockPosition{x=-176, y=63, z=70}
    or some plugin, i honestly can't tell..

    Code (Text):

    [22:55:55] [Server thread/INFO]: [ItemStack{DIAMOND_SWORD x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, enchants={DAMAGE_UNDEAD=3, SWEEPING_EDGE=2}, Damage=146}}, ItemStack{DIAMOND_PICKAXE x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, enchants={DURABILITY=3, DIG_SPEED=5, SILK_TOUCH=1, MENDING=1}, repair-cost=15, Damage=17}}, ItemStack{SHEARS x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, Damage=37}}, ItemStack{FIREWORK_ROCKET x 17, FIREWORK_META:{meta-type=FIREWORK, power=1}}, ItemStack{STICK x 1}, ItemStack{DIAMOND_SHOVEL x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, enchants={DURABILITY=3}, Damage=332}}, ItemStack{STRING x 4}, ItemStack{ARROW x 2}, ItemStack{DIAMOND_AXE x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, lore=[§e Happy Holidays §b❤], enchants={SILK_TOUCH=1, DURABILITY=2}, repair-cost=3, Damage=47, internal=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONiYOBg4HH29QxKLUjMLPJNzGNQSTZPtbA0M03UtTQwTNE1SU4z1E0yNknUTUlKTTRMNjVIMzAzZgAA49tFljkAAAA=}}, ItemStack{DIRT x 64}, ItemStack{OAK_LEAVES x 23}, ItemStack{OAK_LOG x 40}, ItemStack{WHEAT_SEEDS x 64}, ItemStack{DIRT x 47}, ItemStack{DIRT x 64}, ItemStack{IRON_INGOT x 12}, ItemStack{DIRT x 64}, ItemStack{ROTTEN_FLESH x 3}, ItemStack{DIRT x 64}, ItemStack{WHITE_WOOL x 26}, ItemStack{TURTLE_EGG x 1}, ItemStack{CARROT x 1}, ItemStack{WHEAT x 64}, ItemStack{WHEAT x 3}, ItemStack{WHEAT_SEEDS x 53}, ItemStack{SEAGRASS x 4}, ItemStack{IRON_BOOTS x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, display-name=§b§l Player Boots §r, lore=[§e Some most-used commands:, §e §6/tpa <player>§e, §6/sethome <name>§e, §6/back§e,, §e §6/msg <player> <msg>§e, §6/market§e,, §e §6/warps§e, §6/rules§e, §6/menu§e,], enchants={DURABILITY=3}, ItemFlags=[HIDE_ENCHANTS], Damage=56}}, ItemStack{CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, display-name=§b§l Player Pants §r, lore=[§e Looking to get better gear?, §e Explore the §6/mine§e world,, §e or the §6/end§e world, to find, §e some mineshafts and end-cities.], enchants={DURABILITY=3}, ItemFlags=[HIDE_ENCHANTS], Damage=52}}, ItemStack{ELYTRA x 1, UNSPECIFIC_META:{meta-type=UNSPECIFIC, enchants={DURABILITY=3, MENDING=1}, repair-cost=3, Damage=1}}]
    I've never seen these msgs before.
  13. Mine has 2 consoles too, how can I fix this
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    That's not what my message was about.

    If you want to disable the GUI, see the original post
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    No, the front page of this website

    BuildTools is independent and rarely updated
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  17. Understood. Thanks guys - for your time and all of your efforts in every release!!!
  18. Is this problem fixed yet ? :(( please show me how