Spigot & BungeeCord 1.16.1

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  1. md_5

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    Dear SpigotMC Community,

    The first builds of our software for Minecraft 1.16.1 have now been released. Although this is a minor update for plugin developers it is a relatively large update overall. In particular multi-world support was rewritten several times relatively late in the snapshot cycle, so extra caution is recommended if your server has more than the three default worlds (world, world_nether, world_the_end). Although this now means that the Vanilla server (in theory) has (experimental) multi-world support, we have retained the existing Spigot structure and approach for various reasons. Accordingly, you should continue to use your existing plugins and folders for multi-world management and not the Vanilla system.

    Although upgrades from between any two version pairs are technically possible, it is recommended that all upgrades are conducted from 1.15.2. This means that you should first upgrade your world completely on 1.15.2 using the --forceUpgrade server argument, and then do the same on 1.16.1.

    Bug Reports
    If you are reporting a bug to JIRA, please make sure that you read the guidelines and have compared the results between Vanilla & Spigot, and also the 1.15.2 versions before reporting — this speeds up the process for us immensely.

    Please see below post.

    Expectations & Entitlement
    I'm not sure if the addition of a Discord server has caused this behaviour to become more visible or whether it is a new phenomenon within the community, but in either case I am writing this message to make both my stance and the stance of the rest of the SpigotMC Team clear. We love SpigotMC. We love Minecraft (yesterday was my nine year anniversary). We love that you're all excited for new releases. What we don't love is entitlement and demands — something we have seen a lot of in the last two days. SpigotMC is not our life. SpigotMC is not even our job. SpigotMC is meant to be our fun. We will always do our best to do things as quickly as possible and this includes releasing updates. We will not however upend everything just because you expect something to be done at your whim, whether that something is an update, moderation request, or unban appeal. This is especially true when that demand is your only interaction with us. Before you ask us (or anyone in your life) to do something for you, it is my strong advice to carefully consider what you are asking and where you got that expectation from. We are very generous here at SpigotMC. You are entitled to expect a lot from us with very little in return on all fronts — updates, moderation, and even community support. What you are not entitled to however is some defined service level or response time. We do things as quickly as the exigencies of life allow. Whether that be minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months my only point is that you have no entitlement to expect one over the other.

    Closing Notes
    Each release represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of mostly individual effort, so if SpigotMC has helped you in any way, shape, or form I encourage you to leave a donation, contribution, or nice message. If nothing else, at least please make sure that any bug reports you may open are polite, clear, specific, and have been tested thoroughly both without plugins and on Vanilla.

    In order to get 1.16.1, simply run the latest BuildTools.
    Code (Text):
    java -jar BuildTools.jar
    If you haven't used BuildTools to create a server jar yet, it is suggested you first read the 1.8 announcement and the BuildTools Wiki.

    BungeeCord is available in the usual location: https://ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeCord/


    PS: Join our Discord.
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  2. md_5

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    The only significant change that may be of interest to developers is the ability for chat text to take on any 'hex' colour. Support for such colours exists only in the bungeecord-chat API (which is also available for use on any Spigot server). You can use these 'hex' colours both with the component system (Player.spigot().sendMessage(...)) and also with the existing String-based APIs (Nameable.setCustomName(ChatColor.of("#123456"))). To help facilitate the use of bungeecord-chat as a universal chat API, it has been fully released to Maven Central where it is available as net.md-5:bungeecord-chat:1.16-R0.1 (keep an eye out for updates).

    Furthermore as foreshadowed in both the 1.14 and 1.15 release threads, we will no longer be distributing any 'Bukkit' jars via our Maven repositories. This is SpigotMC.org and the supported software we produce and maintain is Spigot. The relevant dependency for all purposes is org.spigotmc:spigot-api:1.16.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT. Unless you are a developer actively working on Spigot the identity, naming, and structure of internal components is an irrelevant distinction and this change helps reinforce that message.
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  3. First, nice job.
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  4. simpleauthority


    Nice job daddy
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  5. Nice o/
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  6. Great work, thanks!
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  7. Puremin0rez


    Hopefully another good release :)
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  8. yippie!
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  9. Cheers, enjoy your biscuits
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  10. Thanks MD!
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  11. Thanks md_5!
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  12. Great work as always, and thanks for all the time you guys spend on Spigot! Looking forward to many hours of testing
  13. I really appreciate the effort you put into this update. You have significantly sped up the update process when compared to the days before Spigot started updating Bukkit.
  14. Amazing work md! We all appreciate your many hours of hard work!
  15. ssamjh


    Awesome work and thanks for the amazingly quick release as usual. As mentioned a lot of people don't understand the effort that goes into a project like Spigot, just be patient because there's an awesome community behind everything. Whether it's building Spigot, moderating the forums or helping out others - this community is a great one and I'm proud to be apart of it :love:
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  16. Amazing work!
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