Spigot & BungeeCord 1.16.1

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  1. md_5

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    STARTUP is bad, you should only be using it if you are a world generator plugin that needs to generate the default world. Virtually every other usage will be broken in some way or another --- its called very very early in the server startup process.

    Your actual default world (ie 'world') is likely set to peaceful but I can't really be sure what the issue is without an exact reproduction.
  2. Shaggy67


    You're exactly right, the default world is peaceful. Would it be better to load the rest of my worlds during the first login/join event?
  3. md_5

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    It'd be better to just have your plugin load normally, not at startup (I'm assuming by what you're telling me you have load: STARTUP in your plugin.yml? If not I'd open a bug report)
  4. Shaggy67


    The default world is peaceful, but the default nether and end worlds are not. Both of them also have getAllowMonsters() = false, but I don't believe my plugin is loading them. I think they're being loaded by the server.

    No, I just meant during the plugins normal onEnable(). I don't have STARTUP in my plugin.yml. Probably just a bad choice of words on my part.

    EDIT: I'll try changing my default world to easy and restart the server, to see what that does. I'm also looking through the Mojang bug tracker to see if this is something that's been reported on vanilla. I'll let you know what I find.

    EDIT: Changing the default world to EASY seemed to resolve it. Playing around with the settings of both the difficulty command as well as my plugin config, it seems that if I do World.setDifficulty(Difficulty.PEACEFUL) in my plugin on the default world, then all worlds get the boolean for getAllowMonsters() set to false.

    EDIT: If I flip the order around so that my plugin is calling World.setDifficulty(Difficulty.PEACEFUL) last (after all other worlds have been loaded/configured), then everything seems to be fine. However, if I call that one first, then all worlds are getting set to getAllowMonsters() = false. I'm not sure if that's because it's the default world, or just because it was the first one.
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  5. . . . . .
    that says enough,does it not?

    How stupid of me......me=dumbass, I should have asked my partner that, and I totally forgot that, so now I have to apologize to him.....

    Thanks man for pointing this out.....:love:
  6. Ah, don't kick yourself. It's not necessarily obvious, given that some people advise doing --forceUpgrade with no plugins. (I just have all my normal plugins installed.)

    But always make a backup first!
  7. Have I missed something?! :)
    ..., 1.15.2, then 1.16.1
    1.16 is missed :eek:

    1. Where can I find spigot or craftbukkit 1.16?

    2. Implementation of version 1.16.1 has namespace net.minecraft.server.v1_16_R1
    Does 1.16 also have the same namespace?

    I am asking because I am developing a plugin that uses nms from craftbukkit and I want my plugin to be compatible to craftbukkit 1.16 if any exists
  8. There is no Craftbukkit/Spigot 1.16 - Mojang released 1.16.1 within 24 hours of 1.16's release, and Spigot started releases on 1.16.1. As such there will be no servers running on 1.16, so there is no possible reason for you to need 1.16.
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  9. But Minecraft has released client 1.16 and it does not want to connect to spigot 1.16.1 :confused:
  10. Just don't use the client 1.16. Instead only use 1.16.1
  11. Choco


    There is no reason to be using the 1.16.0 client. Why Mojang decided to bump the protocol version despite no changes to the protocol being made? No idea... though that's what we're stuck with. Use 1.16.1.
  12. If people are using the 1.16 client that's on them - doesn't mean plugins/servers should pander to them. They should be using 1.16.1 at this point.
  13. I think ViaVersion + ViaBackwards will support 1.16 clients on a 1.16.1 server.
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  14. Just wanna say thank you for your time and effort. What you do is fantastic and truly appreciated md_5! Congratulations on just over 9 years with minecraft! Cheers~
  15. Hi, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, because I tried all I could come up with but no succes.
    Code (Text):
    17:38:39 [INFO] [Ms_Killer01] disconnected with: Exception Connecting:DecoderExc
    eption : net.md_5.bungee.protocol.OverflowPacketException: Cannot receive string
    longer than Short.MAX_VALUE (got 777776 characters) @ io.netty.handler.codec.Me
    This is what the bungee spits out in the console when I try to connect.
    We have 5 worlds, one of them is HUB, logical, and there arose the problem. For some reason I updated one world to 1.16.1 and wanted to check it out before doing the rest, so, I got this error. Went into the HUB and --ForceUpgrade that one, gave me a lot of chunks that are not present, even though the world is 40 by 40 blocks, really small. So from backup restore the world, didn't help, avoided plugin folder, didn't help, in the bungee folder, all plugins avoided, didn't help, If I avoid Viaversion 3.01, and try to connect to the server with my 1.16.1 client, it gives the outdated message.....
    I still want to know why, so, now im going to push the 1.15.1 client towards the server... see if that helps.... sigh.....

    nope, 1.15.2 client also says that the connected server is 1.16.1....

    The client log is filled (almost 12 MB log size) with errors even before connecting, the error however, I cannot find there.
    New client installed, tried it, same problem..... What am I doing wrong here?
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  16. Found the problem........... although my colleague Dadmar777 pointed this out to me, Bungeecord was outdated.......
    Maybe is there a possibility for its builders to make notice of such thing? as this problem occurred so sudden....
  17. Choco


    Make notice as in create a thread announcing that there is a new version of BungeeCord? Such as the thread to which you're replying? You should always keep your BungeeCord and Spigot server up to date. There are frequent updates to each.
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  18. Thanks for all your hard work. Updating to 1.16 has been one of the easiest updates I have had in a long time. Took me about 3 days to convert my map, but that is because it is HUGE!!! Had a few teething issues with plugins which have all been resolved now!! :)
  19. Yeah, I know, I should have know.... I keep forgetting that. So, while you gave me such a good advise, when I used client 1.16.1 and connected to our server, I noticed dragons flying around and underground, creating a broad scale of destruction and lag....
    Now this bungee issue is resolved, I went back to one server, so did my friend, and we both experience on the newer server loss of UUID, there is simply being a new one made !!!!!!! HOW is that possible as I am using the same settings, and no, I did not alter anything about the dragons or the online/offline mode, EssentialsGeoIP is also not recognizing where I am from, it sees the internal adres of the server and has no idea where that is, logical, but weird because it worked before without any change on essentials or settings in bungee...

    I totally had it with this shit...... think i'm gonna resign.....
  20. Choco


    If you're running an offline server, UUIDs are generated based on names rather than being associated with a valid Minecraft account. We do not support offline servers.
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