Spigot & BungeeCord 1.16.2 & 1.16.3

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  1. 1.16.3 is kinda disappointing, with so much pending to get fixed, they could have included a few things, jezus.
    Now we're playing the 'lets test 150+ plugins again for 50+ servers" and see what breaks and wait and re-test..

    i might just stick to 1.16.1 for a while.

    Thanks md_5 for the quick update to .3
  2. Only 1 bug fix that Spigot didn't already have. But they still changed NMS so some plugins will break.
  3. I rather spend my time differently than go through all the plugins to figure out what breaks for which plugin. I will leave it to others and upgrade in a few weeks when things sorted itself out again.
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  4. and there are a lot of bugs on which the solution is already told (aikar's reports for example). yet they fixed 2 bugs (one of which was already fixed in spigot) and called it "1.16.3" . time to yell at them
  5. I am.
  6. Thanks for the quick update and heads up!
  7. Shaggy67


    One of the things they fixed was an item duplication bug. Pretty sure that's why they released 1.6.3 quickly without other changes holding it up.
  8. SlimeDog


    Of course, many Spigot servers use plugins that block it, so no real change for us. Just the "minor" NMS changes, so broken plugins (which devs are busy fixing). :(
  9. Shaggy67


    NMS version didn't change though, so I don't expect many plugins would have an issue.
  10. SlimeDog


    Actually, NMS did change. Just "minor" changes, but I am aware of at least three plugins for which it matters, and there are probably others. You can argue that plugins shouldn't rely on NMS, but sometimes it is unavoidable, especially if a plugin supports multiple versions. I have a plugin that does not support multiple versions, and it is affected; there is no API for what we manipulate.
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  11. Which plugins have you caught so far?
  12. Shaggy67


    Several of my own plugins use NMS, I wasn't disparaging those that do. All I meant was the version didn't change (v1_16_R2), which would break most plugins that import it. There are probably only a small subset of ones which used specific things in NMS that need updating.
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  13. SlimeDog


    They've been updated.
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  14. Thank you for the update! Working on our update! #MHP o_O(y)
  15. cnaude


    Working great so far. Good job!
  16. I think the only way to stop people from using unofficial builds is to make your own system similar to PaperClip so you don't need to download git to be able to download spigot.
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  18. All the plugins that i was using at 1.16.1 are already updated and others dont but works fine.


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