Spigot & BungeeCord 1.16.2-1.16.5

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  1. OK, you're running the latest version. nvm. Older versions had nether portal issues.

    Check your Multiverse worlds config. See if the world scaling is the same. There's also something for the portal search radius, which I think can only be set by plugins.
  2. This issue is very unlikely to do with Bungeecord and should have been created as a new thread (Post)
  3. Scale in my nether worlds is default: 8.0, overworld 1.0. But that's no problem in the other worlds... hm
    In Paper you can set portal-search-radius (default is 128). Here it works.
    I don't know how to set it on spigot itself. Yes, maybe by a plugin... i'll have a look.

    PS: the portalsearchradius in multiverse is 128, too.
    Seems like spigot limits this ? (Or setting this in multiverse is not working anymore...)

    No Bungeecord here anyway...

    I'm goint to test more and will report...

    PPS: i can get the same effect when reducing the search radius in Paper to 32 or less...
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  4. Does anyone know why this version uses so many resources? When upgrading from version 1.8.8 to 1.16.4, a host with the same characteristics began to support only 800 players out of 2000 previous ones.
  5. 5(ish) years of updates will do that.

    One of the biggest changes was the technical update part of 1.13, all items/blocks were changed, given each block its own id, along with its own set of block states.

    A lot of changes have gone on under the hood.
    All of this requires more resources. Bound to happen.
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  6. Multiverse doesn't change the searchradius anymore...(at the moment)!
    I did a small plugin now, that shows the searchradius when changing worlds and fixes it to my needs.
    BTW: coming from nether, the radius in overworld is set to 16 by default!
    It is NOT 128 as i think it should be...
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  7. The current vanilla values are 128 for the overworld and 16 for the Nether.
  8. Yes, but when i come from the nether it is 16 ,too! (in overworld)
    Seems to be a bug... (don't know if it's MultiVerse or Spigot...)

    PS: on this one map/world it is not 128, but 16 ... i don't know why!
    On the other worlds it is 128, as intended!!

    PPS: values have changed... somehow...
    Now it's 128... but in both situations again! From nether to overworld and from overworld to nether.
    Very strange...
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  9. Shaggy67


    Most games in 2020 use more resources than games from 2015. Just the nature of how progress works. More features, more complexity, more cpu/memory.
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  10. No Protocol bump and both bugs should be fixed already. So everything is fine. Assume MD is sleeping rn.
  11. 1:22 AM you-know-where.
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  12. Maybe that explains why someone came on my server, placed a chest that had a bunch of NBT data or something in it, and left a note, "If you ban me, I won't help you clean this up." I just deleted the chest with no problems. Oh, and I banned him.
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  13. If someone threatens the server, they get their chunks //regen, and they get banned.
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  14. Indeed, players can connect to 1.16.4 servers with 1.16.5, for server owners: no spigot / paper bump needed, and no viaversion needed.
  15. "However, we highly encourage all server owners to update as soon as possible to apply the stability fixes."
    I think we need a 1.16.5 version for our server.
  16. This is about the dispenser crash on servers. Paper etc has this fixed. I am sure md_5 looked into it for spigot, i didn't check.