Spigot & BungeeCord 1.17 & 1.17.1

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    Spigot 1.13+ use ASM for bytecode manipulation which requires updating for each new Java version. There is no limit on < 1.13 because they didn't use ASM. That being said, some versions (eg 1.8 on Linux with epoll enabled (default)) are still broken by new Java versions.
  2. It didn't break on start - works .. and basic features worked. But the next step is to check what we use daily in each individual plugin and keep an eye on what breaks. It's a bit early - they didnt' touch the branch in a few days now, so giving them time to update and merge with main branch before i start reporting issues that are probably addressed by then
  3. Read the frontpage announcement, it's explained in there in detail, the first three posts should be read by the community.
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  4. Maybe, I would suggest a more generic response then?
    Code (Java):
    if (javaVersion <> java.designVersion) {
        System.err.println("Unsupported Java detected (" + javaVersion + "). Your Java Version is NOT the intended version for this code base!");
        //Do handling if needed
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  5. ok good to know thanks.
    I wasn't sure if there was a reason behind it, but its good to see there is.
  6. iirc 1.12.2 works fine but 1.13, 1.14 won't (last time I tested and I was on J16)
  7. I understand that, my curiosity was more with WHY it was hard coded to cap at Java 16.
    I've seen commits in the past where md_5 has bumped the java version, so I just wondered... why limit the version.

    Ex: lets pretend I'm one of those odd ones who wants to keep running 1.16.5 til the end of time. 1.16.5 will not get an update, therefor will never EVER work past whatever java version is hard coded.

    md_5 did respond to my query and explained its due to the byte code manipulation, which now makes sense.
  8. yeah, md_5 stated in his response that this was introduced in 1.13+:
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  9. Shaggy67


    Yep, I'm pretty much in the same boat until I write a wg replacement. Just wanted to make you aware I was seeing issues, despite it starting fine. Trying to be helpful. :)
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  10. I know the vault plugin rarely updates and the community around that plugin is pretty silent, have people been running it in 1.17 builds and are there any obvious issues?
  11. Vault is not version dependent, hence why it never updates.
    I highly HIGHLY doubt a minecraft update would break Vault.

    That said, I've used it on my server with no issues
  12. The tests over the weekend didn't yield any errors for how i use it. (so far) and i've spend 6+ hours each day with 25+ plugins of which half use vault.
  13. So far, so good in my upgraded world. Culled a lot of lightly-explored areas (using mcaselector to kill chunks with low inhabited times) leaving only main bases and connecting routes to get new ores as close to existing play areas as possible. Copper is plentiful and at least one geode was located. Have not yet found goats, but I was pleasantly surprised to realize I had inadvertently created an axolotl/glow squid farm right at spawn. I'd built a hollow shell in the ocean to support part of a build, left a small gap so I could swim inside - it's near a conduit so I can breathe and see. I went in there to escape a horde of drowned and found myself surrounded by a small team of axolotl - and here I thought I'd be searching for days before I discovered any!

    This update was released very quickly, the work on Spigot is awesome.
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  14. Has anyone else noticed that 1.17 uses nearly double the memory that 1.16.5 used?
    (Just the core server.)
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  15. Nope didn't run the server. Just wait until stuff stabilizes.
  16. I would give a big appreciation to md_5 and all contributors.
    Thank you so much. They give me part of my life.
  17. Good job guys!
  18. Yes. More than double on mine. I have 3GB allocated to one server which used to run idle at 800~900Mb but is consuming 98% of the 3GB now. Other servers are doing the same with their allocations. I have noticed the initial builds of a new major version doing this in the past, but not as high as what I am seeing for 1.17. Performance of the server is fine though. I guess we have to wait and see if it's Java 16 specific or something else.
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    On Spigot 1.17-3151, my test server starts-up at 4.1GB, with a large plugin load. That compares with 3.3GB for the same content on Spigot 1.16.5-3096. So nearly 25%.

    Perhaps someone can supply the more interesting numbers:
    • memory usage curve over time
    • average memory usage per player