Spigot & BungeeCord 1.17 & 1.17.1

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    ConsoleSpamFix -- originally intended to address plugin spam, but works on Mojang spam as well.
  2. Thanks, wish it was open source. I have a plugin that names entities and these messages could be annoying to those that use my plugin. Would it require reflection?
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    Apologies. I misread that as a console message. In-game, you want MessageHacker, a flexible message massager. (I am not in any way associated with either plugin -- just a satisfied user of them.)
  4. If it appears in-game, it should only be appearing to Op'ed players.
  5. Awesome! Thank you for all your hard work!
  6. Did you figure this out? It seems to still be an issue with 1.17.1
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  7. Quick question. I have done the forceUpgrade on 1.16.5 to 1.17. Would I need to do it from 1.17 to 1.17.1 or would it be safe just to go straight to 1.17.1? Thanks
  8. It is working for me. MD updated the command line arguments to represent the one of the Maven example.
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  9. Hi! Is there a .jar file already for 1.17.1?
  10. For buildtools: Link
  11. Any updates on the failing plugins? I'm debating whether I want to go down the 1.17.1 road just yet.
  12. I've upgraded just now, 60 plugins went fine, citizens needed an update, jenkins has it. Bountyhunters failed for me. The rest seems to work.
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    The majors have cleared. Citizens, which impacted Sentinel and other appendages, was the longest leash -- less than a day. I don't understand the "where's the 1.17.1 update" whiners.

    Testing, testing, testing. I certainly wouldn't recommend production use at this juncture.
  14. it'sss fine... running live now (to be honest, normally i dont, but i just want to see where it breaks, let users work for their updates for once) It things go well today, ill just leave it, otherwise ill roll back at midnight.
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  15. Thanks a lot!
  16. Appreciate your work on this!
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    WorldEdit released a beta version yesterday under their stable builds section that supports 1.17.1.
    WorldGuard has a beta version still under their experimental builds section.
    EssentialsX is working on development versions.

    Those are the three main ones that I was waiting for. I ended up writing my own replacement for WorldGuard and just removed WorldEdit temporarily since I don't rely on it much. Mostly just area selection for regions and the occasional regen. EssentialsX seems to be working fine, but I don't use a lot of the functionality in it so haven't thoroughly tested everything.

    I've also seen a few minor issues with "ghost" items in inventories. Sometimes when opening an inventory I see an item sitting on the cursor that disappears as soon as you try to do anything with it. I've also seen the player pickup item drops that don't appear in the inventory right away, then show up when you mouse over the "empty" slots. Neither seems to really hurt anything, just visual issues. I haven't seen any item duplication happen. Probably something with the server and client not staying in sync with the inventory contents. I saw something about that in the Mojang changelogs, not sure they fixed it completely.
  18. The essentials vault connection is a thing that didn't work for me ten hours ago. Hopefully I'm not the only one.


    Seems like something missing for that.

    Edit -1: Just update Vault to 1.7.3 and you're good to go.

    // Another Story begins unrelated to the above one.

    Edit: Holy shit https://www.github.com/EssentialsX/Essentials/tree/2.x/Essentials/build.gradle

    Edit2 for explanation of edit 1:
    They seem to abusing Gradle.

    They exposing stuff to plugins depending on them using the api declaration and then later on manually including dependencies.
    1.Most times you don't want to expose dependencies transient to plugins having a dependency on you. At least not for most of the dependencies they declare as API.
    2. A simple implementation () would have allowed shading the dependencies into the jar without exposing them as a transient dependency.

    For a project that old that is just unacceptable.
    By the way Vault-API did the same until I fixed it.
    It is just sad seeing such old project doing these mistakes.
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    Until ProtocolLib updates to support 1.17.1, too many plugins are on hold.