Spigot & BungeeCord 1.17 & 1.17.1

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  1. Sounds logical for an early build that's for testing purposes. Thankfully you got a backup to roll back to and continue testing.

    Don't forget to --forceUpgrade etc.

    If there's a bug - confirm it, and there's a link to the spigot bug report and guidelines in the first post of the announcement.
  2. Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. I remember reading something about that in the first few posts of this thread. So double check maybe.
  4. Being slightly late to the party but nice one!
  5. Andre_601


    One thing I have to ask real quick: What is the version for the BungeeCord API? Is it 1.17-R0.1-SNAPSHOT or is it different?
    Just want to make sure I use the recommended version here.
  6. Thank you for your hard job on this project.
  7. This obfuscation in the end is not helping newbies like me figure things out. Didn't Mojang release mappings so things didnt' have to be obfuscated? Humanly readable and easy to understand things like networkSomething versus b.a.l. makes it easier on the brain as well.
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  8. Please remind, what was the reason to switch to BuildTools?
    Just don't know a single person who uses it to get Spigot bcause simpler to download a complete jar, so don't see any advantages of this.
  9. md_5

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    Licensing/EULA issues
  10. How should we report name collisions in the mappings?

    One name collision i noticed in the mojang mappings:
    ServerLevel#getServer returns MinecraftServer and overrides
    Level#getServer which returns CraftServer.

    You can't use the latter one and when using the first one the specialsource plugin is unable to remap the method correctly.
    The method is mapped to it's obfuscated name (n) and will keep this name instead of being mapped to WorldServer#getMinecraftServer.
  11. Oh get it, thank you <3
  12. md_5

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    Bug report, though that's an annoying one because of how used the method is
  13. Because Warren Loo chose the wrong license for Bukkit in 2011. https://bukkit.org/threads/what-license-is-the-bukkit-project-under.154/
    The advantage is you know what you're running, and what you're running is legitimate and not tampered with by unknown parties. It only takes a minute or two to run BuildTools on a modern PC, so why would you want something with an unknown pedigree?
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  14. LoneDev


    Exactly, a lot of cool stuff can be done only using NMS.
    I'll make some tests and I hope that using NMS won't become complicated.

    Other than this, very good update, thanks for the efforts
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  15. Superb work! Very fast response time getting this out!
  16. Pretty cool update, especially the library functions.
    It's something people have been complaining about for a while now (resource limits). Hopefully this solves it.
  17. Can I run BuildTools with Java 8?
  18. md_5

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    Yes but you will only be able to compile < 1.17
  19. Will I be able to run older versions of Spigot on Java 16? Say 1.12.2 for example.
    Before updating to 1.17.