Spigot & BungeeCord 1.17 & 1.17.1

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  1. Chunky, DiscordSrv, Head Database, Core Protect, Head Display, LuckPerms, PlaceholderAPI, Spark, Vault, NuVotifier, .. are the ones I've tested "fresh" so far and 'appear' to be okay. Just need to combine things and test with live data eventually. But too early.
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  2. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, contributions, and time spent keeping this project going and alive for nearly 10 years! It's an impressive show of what can be accomplished if an entire community of enthusiasts work together towards a singular goal. Keep up the great work!
  3. Thanks MD_5!
    Just sucks how bad 1.17 actually is, it seems like people will just need to use a world generator to fix the diamond ore spawn-rates and such of that nature.
    It seems like everyone should wait till 1.17.1 or something, this version is a repeat of 1.14 all over again and how horrible it was until the patch updates.

    Doubt ill be updating to 1.17. . .
  4. Thanks for the update, md_5 and everyone else! I'm having trouble getting updated to java 16. It says to install, enter the command, "<installation_folder>\bin\java -version". Does anyone know the correct way to get working? It keeps giving me the error, "access is denied". Thanks for reading and have a nice day! B-)
  5. now to figure out how to get Java 16 on Debian...
  6. SpecialSource reobfuscates class names and packages as well. It should instead only reobfuscate field and method names. At least what it is doing from the command line.

    edit: I probably miss understood. I assumed that one is for obfuscation and the other one to convert a plugin directly developed against Spigot mappings into Mojang mappings.

    Seem that one is to remap from mojang to all obfuscated and the other one to apply repackage and Spigot classnames.

    - Seems to be a bug there. Or I've done something wrong.
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  7. You all do amazing work! Thank you much!

    I appreciate all the time, care, and dedication that you and the other contributors have put into this project.
  8. Shaggy67


    Awesome job.

    Thanks to everyone involved with Spigot for all of your hard work. I also wanted to second what mrfloris said about donations. If you are able to, it's a great way of helping support the people that make Spigot.
  9. Good job, but have you every thought of the possibility of having offical contributors? :)
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  10. - md5 after breaking every plugin using Reflection on net.minecraft
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  11. Do I see Spigot 1.17 OOOO GIMME!
  12. Lee


    Awesome! Lots of new things to learn! Thank you for your time as always! :D
  13. PlayerEditBookEvent is no longer triggered when editing a book - only when signing. Was a separate event added in 1.17 for editing without signing or is this a bug?
  14. I have a question for NMS plugin development: Is it possible to generate the deobfuscated (using mojang mappings) and decompiled sources of the minecraft server using BuildTools? Currently I can only find the sources with spigot mappings, that are not helpful when most names are different in mojangs mappings. I tried the "--remapped --generate-source" params but that did not work afaik.
  15. md_5

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    You can decompile the remapped-mojang jar yourself or with your ide
    Should be fixed
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