Spigot BungeeCord within?

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  1. Someone could explain the installation steps into a server bungeecord spigot. I now I have the directory servers as well and would like to install the server bungeecord alongside a spigot.
    The Directory:
    C: \ Users \ K15 \ Desktop \ Server Spigot \ this is where I have gotten four servers in this way.
    C: \ Users \ K15 \ Desktop \ Server Spigot \ server1 (s spigot, besides the default server)
    C: \ Users \ K15 \ Desktop \ Server Spigot \ server2 (I want to bungeecord)
    C: \ Users \ K15 \ Desktop \ Server Spigot \ server3 (I want to bungeecord)
    C: \ Users \ K15 \ Desktop \ Server Spigot \ server4 (I want to bungeecord)
    Please answer me.
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    Have you read this tutorial?


    It will answer many questions about BungeeCord. Spigot is something you can use on all of your servers to run them, and BungeeCord is a proxy that runs on its own to connect all your spigot servers together. Read that tutorial, it'll help with setting up Bungee.
  3. >windows
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  4. Then I install bungeecord in the same folder on the main server?
    O. ..
    spigot installed in all folders and on bungeecord?
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  6. Okay, I solved my problem. But I emerged another. I have two servers and three folders (2 folders for servers and 1 for bungeecord) And in a server was created two different worlds and server Kicks me about joining two worlds at once or something. In the server properties I have like world: survival. And then I generate the default server world and this survival. I hope you understand me. I put the / spawn in the default server and copy and paste all my plugins and their settings. The turned configured to adapt to another server but still not working.
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  7. Please, I need help. No me recognize the command / server
  8. Install Gentoo.
  9. What is Gentoo?
  10. The best damned operating system there is.
    Matched only by the amazing Debian.
  11. Prefer spigot and bungeecord. You know something about my problem?
  12. Read the wiki please.
    And Debian is an Operating System just like Windows.
  13. I do not want an operating system.
  14. Then read the wiki of spigot and bungeecord
    And you do want an OS but you don't want another OS
  15. In that helps me that OS?
  16. First, ignore the OS/Operating System stuff that they are talking about. OS stands for Operating System. They believe you shouldn't be running a server on Windows, and that a Linux Operating System would be more fit.

    Ok, back to your problem. Could you please explain it more with some punctuation so it is readable?
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    How about us people help him.

    It dosent matter about the folders, set up all spigot servers as if they are a single server, but put them on ports 25566, 25567, etc. Then, install bungeecord, change the port to 25565 and in the config change the server-ip to the server(s) you want it to connect to.
  18. I did not put those ports. I just put the port 25567, in many videos I've seen in any server that gets 25565. And I put as default server port 25565 and then 25567 on the other server.
  19. Problem solved. But just surgirme other. Permissions are not working properly. The plugin I use is bPermissions. Before, everything ran well and since I connect the servers and such, I can not use multiple commands when before if I could. I need help, and I will have already arranged everything.