Spigot Cloudflare settings too aggressive?

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  1. I've been away from doing Minecraft related stuff for a while. Recently I started checking up on resources and such I have interest in, and every time I open the Spigot website (once every few days), I get forced to select pictures. I wouldn't mind if it was simple, but damn hCaptcha is a pain... "Select all the boats" - shows half the pictures with kayaks. OK, so do they consider kayaks boats or not? Next set, "select all the planes" - only one obvious plane, but then as I'm about to hit submit, I notice the 1970's looking photo that appeared to be just a crowd is actually a crowd looking at what appears to be a SR-71... And then there was a wheel that looked like it was attached to a Cessna, but could equally have been some sort of motobike wheel.

    Anyway - enough about Cloudflare's stupid captcha...
    I went through the Cloudflare support list of likely reasons this would be happening, and the only one I can do anything about was to check my IP address on their honeypot database. Did that, and I come up clean (for IPv4 and IPv6)... So their guide says it's all down to the website settings.

    Is anyone else (particularly irregular visitors like me) getting this?
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  2. Yes have been eexperiencing this as well for the last 2 months. I seem to get the image selcting after clicking the click check box one
  3. Have also noticed this, stops alerting me to notifications also which isn't great.
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    We often have to make it aggressive in response to DDoS attacks, though recently it has become a lot more aggressive in that case I think due to cloudflare changes (this was the first time I've gotten captchas as well).
  5. Watch out for this one:


    More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]
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  6. Hey md_5 I am already a member here, I've already verified I am not a bot .. I have no interest in sending requests from my IP addresses to this server .. sooooooo "not a bot", can we just stop asking? Probably not, ugh.
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  7. Well it's comforting to know it's not just me - after doing IT work for mostly home users, my immediate reaction to strange behaviour like this is "crap - who's got malware on their system?" I can relax now :p
  8. If you still have this problem - try Privacy Pass extension. It allows you to get a few "tickets" to bypass cloudflare protection by solving hcaptcha just once on special site.
  9. It used to work for me but hasn't in ages even though its installed.