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  1. This is nice , good job =)
  2. Thank you :) I appreciate your feedback.
  3. MiniDigger


    Wait till bone gets the proper water changes in (without the water_hacked tag)
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  4. You're stalking me hehe :)
  5. Cant wait for 1.13 my user is 25GB
  6. Done. [tester] Enjoy testing.
  7. Let's see.
    IGN: XXLuigiMario
  8. And done, you're in the tester group now. Go have fun finding critical issues
  9. Since the warp sign at spawn doesn't work - if you wanna go to the 1.13 world, just type: /warp aquatic
  10. Can I please get promoted to a helper? IGN: Mr_Jacksonville

    Thanks. :)

    Can't wait for the 1.13 release! :D

    Time to mess with water and redstone. Hope I don't wash some redstone away in the process. o_O
  11. Can't promote you to tester, so i guess you're already a helper (or perhaps have never joined the game)
  12. @mrfloris What exactly are you drinking? A pint of Guinness?
  13. I needed helper, not tester.
  14. Legoman99573


    Only spigot staff can set you to helper
  15. Ok, I will demote you from tester to default later and you can wait for a mod to get online. Sorry for trying to make the wait for a mod a little easier

    [edit] I read back what I said, I actually said you're probably already a helper, since I can't promote you. I guess you misread what I meant.
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  16. Legoman99573


    Only thing helper gets is promoting others to tester and using some logblock commands. Some people just dont have the patience.
  17. MiniDigger


    • Phantoms are now considered undead
    • New water physics! Kinda.
    Oops, we spilled a bit.

    • You can place water in the following blocks: stairs, slabs, fences, walls, iron bars, glass panes
    • Water can flow out these blocks, but can not flow into them
    • When full of water, they will count as water blocks for all gameplay (such as swimming)
    • This isn't final and more blocks may contain water in the future
    • Right now it will flow out of all faces of the block - this will change
    • We have removed the blocks flowing_water and flowing_lava
    • We have removed the block tags water_hacked and waterlogged
    • All of the above blocks now have a state waterlogged
    • Blocks such as bubble column or kelp will always count as a water source

    bone managed to sneak in the replacement for the water_hacked tag <3

    you now can build sewer gates:
    or nice underwater cages:
    it is not possible to build a nice aquarium quite yet tho, since blocks are other not waterlogged for fully waterlogged:
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  18. Looking forward this weekend to play with the latest water physics on spigot's public playground.
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  19. I know have 100 posts ;D
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