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  1. IGN?
    You finally did it, the post "i dont and wont respect the EULA" kicked you over the 100 :) congrats.
  2. I don't mind following the rules on spigot but that doesn't mean I will start respecting the EULA. More then 3/4 of the Spigot users aren't going to respect the EULA.
  3. There are 18 threads, sorry if I lost the post: What's the IGN to make tester?

    Done, tester , enjoy finding critical bugs.
  4. I'm not looking to get tester anymore.
  5. Sigh.. then why bother posting you hit that 100, i've wasted my time waiting in game to help promote you ..
    ok, whatever.
  6. You're rude and I want nothing to have to do with you. Please stop quoting or replying to my threads.
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  7. What the hell? How on earth am I being rude to you?
    I am actually being helpful for following up on you hitting 100 posts and waiting for 15+ minutes in the spigot MC server to get you promoted to tester.

    I guess I offended you in the other thread for me personally preferring to be respectful towards Mojang and accepting their EULA while you publicly and blatantly were expressing you will not etc? If that got under your skin on a personal level, geesh..

    There's the ignore button, feel free to use it, I think you're overreacting - I did nothing in this thread or the other thread to actually be rude, I was helpful actually in this thread but whatever.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow. And don't tell me please what to do in this thread, I won't be bullied by someone who's got a personal issue going on. I am free to reply to your public posts, especially when they're directed at me.
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  8. Requesting tester rank.

    IGN : Technerder
  9. MiniDigger


    • Allow more blocks to have water in them
    • Water no longer goes through solid faces
    • Coral now generates naturally
    • Big optimization to how clouds are rendered
    • Phantoms now burn in sunlight
    • You can now undye shulker boxes in a cauldron
    you can now do stuff like this
    #370 MiniDigger, Mar 9, 2018
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  10. Coolio man hopefully I can hit 100 posts soon :p
  11. Why dont wanne use 18w10 .. first try to join told me your server is outdated :(
  12. MiniDigger


    It's not about not wanting, it's about having the time and passion to update spigot to that snapshot version. You can just create a profile with the old snapshot if you want to join.
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  13. SlimeDog


    [SATIRE] Don't updates from MC snapshots just happen automagically? It's not like there are any new assets, behaviors, biomes, blocks, commands, entities, items, or structures to convert. What's the hold-up? I want the world, and I want it ... now! [/SATIRE] :)
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  14. [SATIRE]
    Something that fits well. I Want it all.

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  15. Hi. i cant seem to join. i'm running 18w09a, but it can't connect to the server; in multiplayer menu it cant even seem to find the existence of "hub.spigotmc.org". what could i be missing? thanks.
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  16. That's not even the server ip. Read the main post.
  17. oh jeez. IDK where i even got that address. clearly, it's play.spigotmc.org. derp.
  18. Nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking :)
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  19. I think they should leave the server up even after they're done testing stuff.
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