Spigot Community Server (1.13)

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  1. Great job! Loving this community!

    IGN: Petersoj
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  2. Can't wait for 1.13, or 1.14. hehe, MANY new resources are in mind

    IGN: abandoncaptian
  3. Thanks would love to try out the new update.

    IGN: ItsHoney

    I'd like to be a tester
  4. Ready To become Helper :D -- In game name "Instantout"
  5. Interesting bug?
    IGN: KingTux
  6. Z750

    Resource Staff IRC Staff

    Testing is going quite well so far!

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  7. SlimeDog


    I'm in. I hope.

    I read the bold. The Mac client crashes on the 18w08b Latest snapshot before I get to the selection (single or multi) screen.

    Update: Ah, it doesn't like my large-screen resolution. I'm up with 854x480.
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  8. Awesome! :D

    IGN: Yamakaja
  9. Amazing. Thank you a lot!

    IGN: xtomyserrax
  10. Finally! I will play on this server. ;)
    I'm waiting for dolphins.
    IGN: PluginerTR
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  11. IGN: stifflered
    Can't wait to try it out!
  12. IGN: _NoEYEs_
  13. Sounds great! :D

    IGN: GamerBah
  14. Love to test

    IGN: Malachiel
  15. Test server seems pretty interesting, can't wait to test it all out!

  16. Legoman99573


    Promoted to Tester
    They need to switch to something else besides PEX

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