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    I made a guess that you wanted promotion to [Tester], so done. Find more bugs. :)
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  2. Will need to drop in and explore.. Thanks
  3. Back when Spigot released there first Pre Release which was 1.12 Pre 2 i started a server with that and had working plugins and everything, i reached 20 players on! That's why i am curious about a 1.13 Pre Release of Spigot when 1.13 is in Pre Release stages. :) (It was also useful for testing plugins and making sure they work correctly)

    Edit: For your information my current server world was actually generated with 1.12 pre 2 of Spigot, i even pre generated the world with Worldborder at the time so i was prepared for everything.
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    Promoted to [Tester]. Find more bugs. :)
  5. Bugs lava!!!!!! Ask to be corrected!

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  6. md_5

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    Vanilla bug, happens in single player
  7. MiniDigger


    A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

    Happy snapshot day everybody! We've mostly recovered from GDC and are now back to work, full steam ahead!

    • New item: Phantom Membrane
    • New potion: Potion of Slow Falling
    • Added 4 new advancements
    • New Kelp textures
    • Changed generation rules for kelp and seagrass
    • New Riptide behaviours for tridents
    • Optimized cloud rendering some more
    Very spooky.

    • Elytra now requires Phantom Membrane to be repaired
    • Phantoms now drop Phantom Membrane instead of leather
    • Can be crafted into a super spooky Slow Falling potion
    We're making progress!

    • Fishy Business: Catch a fish
    • Tactical fishing: Catch a fish... without a fishing rod!
    • A Throwaway Joke: Throw a trident at something. Note: throwing away your only weapon is not a good idea.
    • Very Very Frightening: Strike a Villager with lightning
    • More to come!

    • No longer compatible with Loyalty or Channeling
    • If riptide won't work (such as being on land, nice and dry) you can't attack with the trident at all
    • Riptide will not throw the trident, but instead launch you forwards with the trident
    • Looks neat!

    Source: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-18w14a
  9. JustNoHacks. I would like tester, I have 134 posts.
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  10. ok to the new snapshot, anyone tried F3 yet.. no werky oops.. anyone elses F3 working or not.. need to get home lol
  11. I have the same issue. It is a Snapshot bug.
  12. update: F3 works if in inventory. just exit inv to carry on
  13. Mega Spruce grows in Savanna Biome and grass changes to Podzol around tree.

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    3rc is my ign
  15. You don’t have 100 posts but you can still join and find bugs.
    A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot

    • New blocks: sea pickles!
    • Renamed coral blocks (See below for details)
    • New coral fan textures
    • Destroying waterlogged blocks will only destroy the block, not the water
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs! (listed below)
    Hopefully the last time they get renamed!
    • All full blocks of coral are now called "coral block"
    • Coral plants are now called "coral"
    • "blue" coral is now called "tube" coral
    • "pink" coral is now called "brain" coral
    • "purple" coral is now called "bubble" coral
    • "red" coral is now called "fire" coral
    • "yellow" coral is now called "horn" coral
    • For example, "blue coral" is now "tube coral block"
    • For example, "purple coral plant" is now "bubble coral"
    What to call them? It's really quite a pickle.
    • Generate either by themselves in warm oceans, or with coral
    • Up to 4 pickles can be placed in a block
    • Emits light depending on how many pickles there are per block
    • Can be smelted down into green dye
    • Pickle.
    • MC-121715 - "Create new world" screen shows an alias command (xp)
    • MC-124923 - Smelting a cactus to produce cactus green doesn't work
    • MC-126957 - Certain blocks remove water when placed in it, even if "waterloggable"
    • MC-127242 - Drowned causes crashes (ticking entity)
    • MC-127911 - F3 does not work
    • MC-127915 - Levitation has been replaced by slow falling
    • MC-127916 - Trident with riptide enchantment disappears when thrown in survival
    • MC-127924 - Slow falling is considered a negative effect
    • MC-127960 - Description of "A Throwaway Joke" advancement has capitalization mistake
    • MC-127973 - "A Furious Cocktail" and "How Did We Get Here" advancements not updated
  17. Yay F3 bug is fixed. :)
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  18. Look i really dont understand i got send to this page/webside after my server said it was out dated and not working it good that your server works but mine does not work and theres nothing about a how to update or fix the server so im not really getting why i was sent this page/website but if someone reads this and wants to help me my discord is MINEmade#6554
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  19. Uh, what? As far as I know the only way you could get this thread link is if someone putting it there manually or you going onto the announcements page on the forums..
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