Spigot Community Server (1.13)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Feb 23, 2018.

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  1. I´d like to be a Tester too :)

    IGN: MrSpock78
  2. Hey everybody,

    Nice job md_5 (and others involved).

    I will go have a looksy again later.
  3. My IGN is "Tassu_". Thanks for opening this.
  4. I already miss that you can't shift-click items from the inventory into the furnace (works like that in vanilla 1.12.2)
    Fishing rod wasn't working, md_5 already jumped on that. (tnx)
    I find that it looks stupid when you break a door that it only shows the 'breaking' texture on 50% of the door. Oh well.

    One thing I noticed (but when I was going to record it, the server shut down, so couldn't)
    I was using a slow iron pick, when I hit a block, and don't remove finger from mouse (because you wanna break the block) that it shows the break texture- then it instantly resets as if it hasn't been hit yet.. and then it starts the breaking texture again and completes it. It doesn't seem to do this on all the blocks, but I could certainly reproduce this.
  5. IGN: Marido

  6. IGN: _112
    Gonna have some fun
  7. IGN: NavyDev
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  8. I've noticed that loads of people tried to join and a couple of times in a row. Only to disconnect right away.

    If you're having this problem, I recommend to take another minute to read the first post of the thread. It has all the information to play properly.
  9. IGN: Siri

    Would love to join later! :)
  10. kvq


    ign: kvqq
    500+ posts

    Well, whatever I just getting crashed every time I join. Love minecraft
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  11. Legoman99573


    Hold my beer, cause added
  12. Me when I hear my A-Level exams are only 100 days away.
  13. @md_5 I couldnt' click on the url in the chat to get to report this on github, the server timed out..
    after I typed : /locate igloo
    everything slowed down fast to a crawling halt.

    .. i guess that crashed the server, my apologies. Didn't know that was going to happen.
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  14. 500 post? Done :> my Minecraft name is "1010bob"
  15. When I try to start my MC with the snapshot it instantly crashes, apparently "without reason", no logs nor crash reports written, I even tried to run the game in a different directory and the only thing that gets created is the logs folder, with a "latest.log" file completely empty.
    Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  16. Have you opened a single player world before attempting to join the server like stated in the post?
  17. no, we read the first post.
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