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  1. When spigo1.13 official version can come out????
  2. MiniDigger


    most likely shortly after minecrafts official 1.13 version
  3. What about 1.13 pre spigot releases?

    We got Spigot 1.12 pre 2 before.
  4. Just wait until Mojang releases pre-releases. Then you'll see if Spigot releases snapshots.
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  5. C02


    Niiice. I wish I was aware of this earlier but I went inactive.
  6. Hi! how to get the Heart of the Sea in testing server? I am searching for it a very long time in chests. Without the Heart is impossible to check how the conduit really works? Also the possibility of two sethomes will be great. One on land and one under the sea :)
  7. Pretty sure you can only get it in GMC which you can get once you get 100 forum posts.
  8. *gasp*
  9. I see, that means I will need to wait on suitable release to get a Heart. But, maybe the admins can still help with adding 2 homes for players :)
    This can help a lot to create under sea home too, because ./back command not working if you died :( I also miss emerald crafting.
  10. Redblcock6 is my ign
  11. SlimeDog


    Probably not. :(
  12. ?
  13. recheck the name you gave
  14. My ign is Redblock6
  15. SlimeDog


    That one, I can promote. Find more bugs. :)
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  16. ._.
  17. SlimeDog


    Got it. Test, test, test... :)
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  18. yay thanks
  19. With tester can i add things to spawn?
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