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  1. Okay. This is fixed in 18w20a/b.
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  2. but the 18w20b is buggy, in solo it crashes on load old world :(
  3. md_5

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    Make sure you open a bug report at bugs.mojang.com please!
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  4. it's useless a C snapshot is released.
    (this error should be corrected by this release)
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  5. I hear 1.13 is coming real soon, they just released the aquatic update on bedrock :eek:
  6. 2008Choco

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    Well, phase 1 of Update Aquatic was released on all other platforms which seems quite strange for them to do in my opinion. They still have a wave of other features yet to be added. Java Edition will have its version of 1.13 released, if I had to guess, sometime mid - late June. They're going to start pre-releases either this week or the next.
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