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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Feb 23, 2018.

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  1. I can't even start my game, how am I supposed to join a single player world?
  2. I dunno..

    My 1.12.2 worked fine.
    I read the post, I opened up the game, selected 1.13 - the right snapshot - in a new profile. I went to a new 1.13 world and logged out of it. Went to direct connect, entered the IP and connected. Worked for me.

    If it is crashing now, then I guess you have to roll back to the state prior to the 1.13 upgrade. And try again.
  3. I already brought it up to md_5. he said no.
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    Could you throw me a staff rank or something? Not sure if that exists - Helper works fine if not :)
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    Yes actually! I had this exact issue and couldn't figure it out because there were no crash logs...

    After inspecting the Minecraft Launcher logs, (in my case) it seems the issue was because in my launcher I have the window settings set to open MC in a 1600x900 window instead of the default tiny window. Something with the "height" setting is making the Snapshot unhappy. I unset the window size option for the snapshot profile in the Launcher, and that resolved my inability to launch the Snapshot.

    No idea if the above applies to your issue, but my issue was exactly as you described.
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  12. Still doesn't work for me :/
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  14. I still need a mod to give me helper :/
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