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  1. Let me know how that goes. My cat doesn't even twitch his ears when I call lol
  2. Especially since mobile/Bedrock/whatever editions have already updated. Is that a first? Are we "legacy Minecraft" players officially the second-class citizens now?

    Anyway... I know the pre-release is riddled with bugs, but any chance we could get a BT anyway? Maybe I've been spoiled by the pre-releases of Spigot from the last few versions... but it's really nice to be able to debut our plugins before server owners are ready to update!
  3. There is a public 1.13 API that is out if you go back in the announcements like 1 post.
  4. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    Correct, but we as developers cannot test whether said changes work in our plugins or not. I've been sitting on updates for my plugins that I have yet to test for close to half a year now. It would be great to have a pre-release build to at least give a test before releasing. Hard to test with just an API ;)
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  5. Yup, it took me a good few weeks of re-work just to get my plugin to build (with backwards compatibility) against the preview API.

    But building and running without errors are two very different things, as Choco said we can't test with just an API.

    Mainly just saying, we have this community server, we know spigot 1.13 exists, it'd be nice if we could see it too :)
  6. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    1.12 was the only time we've released a pre-release/snapshot build.
    I'm not saying there won't be 1.13 pre releases, but there won't be a 1.13-pre1 release. Some chunks don't even save due to Vanilla bugs (amongst many other issues).
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  7. MiniDigger


    No. Java is just slower because the required Backend changes we all were waiting for took longer than anticipated and are riddled with bugs.
    Why is it an issue to wait till it's stable? Would you rather have a release now with bugs and an endless amount of minor releases soon or wait a few weeks and get something stable?
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  8. I mean, honest answer? I would rather have a release now. I don't run a server, I don't really care about stability. I just want to know if my plugin is ready or not.
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  9. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    While I agree, Nathan, I just don't think that distributing a build of a pre-release that can hardly function in vanilla is all that good of an idea. I'm surprised they considered releasing a pre-release riddled with so many issues and I hope that at this point they either return to snaphots, or release upwards of 5 - 6 pre-releases before publishing 1.13.

    Unfortunately, Mojang's EULA makes it even more difficult for us because we can't just distribute server jars to those that would like to test in advance. It's either md_5 only, or everyone capable of running BuildTools.
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  10. I mean, there is software on here that automates the process of creating servers (like mine, which uses BuildTools)
  11. Yeah, I understand (really!). I know it'd be a nightmare of support for md_5 and the rest of staff if they released a build. Even if they said "it's only for devs, please don't use it in production"- people will use it in production and complain about how broken it is.

    Even if it was released in some dev-only way (maybe only available if you clone and build your own BuildTools) someone would leak a jar, and people would complain about having used an ill-gotten broken pre-release jar on their production server.

    It doesn't stop it from being a little frustrating to me, but I do understand the reasoning :)
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  12. Is the source for the 1.13 implementation not on Stash?
  13. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    No. Implementation is not yet available on the Stash.
  14. You could put in a requirement to log into your Spigot forum account to get the preview builds to show in buildtools, and only allow people who've posted a plugin - perhaps even limited to those who've posted an update within the past 3 months or so. Downside is the morons who would create and attempt to publish do-nothing plugins just to get access.
  15. MiniDigger


    That would make zero sense as not everybody distributes their plugin on spigot (or distribute them at all). This would also lock out implementation developers like the wonderful ppl over at paper or lib developers like the acf contributors.
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    Minecraft: Java Edition - Update Aquatic Pre-Release

    The second pre-release for Update Aquatic is now available!

    CHANGES IN 1.13-PRE1
    • New Update Aquatic title screen
    • Three brand new pieces of music by C418
    • You can now tab-complete in command blocks again
    • Fixed bugs!
    CHANGES IN 1.13-PRE2
    • Title screen should now be more optimised
    • Reverted the bark block changes from the first pre-release
    • Various performance optimisations
    • You can now combine 9 ice to create 1 packed ice
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs
    • MC-122134 - Tab-completion in command blocks no longer works
    • MC-122940 - After executing the /reload command, clicking on recipe book recipes does not work
    • MC-124123 - Crash upon loading world: Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location: minecraft:Zombie
    • MC-124972 - Game crashes during the loading world, when creating a superflat world with oceanmonument tag
    • MC-127142 - Failed to create block entity DUMMY (path of location: minecraft:DUMMY)
    • MC-129625 - Sea grass changes to air pockets when upgrading from 18w16a to 18w20a+
    • MC-130463 - Sponges do not absorb bubble columns
    • MC-130521 - Leaves placed by hand disappear if not touching log or bark after a reload
    • MC-35856 - Multiple background songs playing at one time / automatic music overlap (not Jukebox music)
    • MC-102403 - Persistent/unchangeable sounds after (re-)opening a world
    • MC-121628 - Horse armor textures z-fighting.
    • MC-121714 - Unable to save screenshots and world icons if the path contains non-ASCII characters
    • MC-121832 - Z-fighting on skeleton horse texture
    • MC-122864 - Tamed llamas, donkeys, and mules cannot be named with a name tag
    • MC-123007 - Z-fighting on zombie horse texture
    • MC-123366 - Item right click actions don't work whilst looking at a block in adventure mode
    • MC-123811 - Horses (and llamas, etc) show default name as "HorseChest"
    • MC-124364 - Horse skin and armor textures not applied correctly to horse model
    • MC-125363 - Items fail to remain on surface
    • MC-125744 - Entity predicates for advancements fail if "type" not specified
    • MC-127099 - Kelp isn't completely removed when sponge removes the water
    • MC-127320 - Drowned do not recognize tridents as weapons they can pick up
    • MC-127921 - Horses' health bars interfere with the air bubble bar.
    • MC-128241 - Dolphins can sit in boats
    • MC-129262 - Zombie horses don't sink in water like other undead mobs
    • MC-129374 - Crash on 32 bit JVMs: "Unable to bootstrap datafixers" due to stack overflow
    • MC-129500 - Map displays 1 deep water as dry land.
    • MC-129712 - Team Suffix resets after restarting world
    • MC-129895 - Concrete powder's falling sand entities lose NBT data when upgrading from 1.12.2 to snapshots
    • MC-130014 - When updating villagers trade carved pumpkin instead of pumpkins
    • MC-130059 - Bubble column particles (from falling) have missing texture
    • MC-130145 - Text over the hotbar does not reflect item rarity colours
    • MC-130200 - Items in saved creative toolbars upgrade improperly from 1.12.2 to 1.13-pre1
    • MC-130524 - Beds turn invisible when upgrading from 1.11.2 or below
    • MC-130577 - Armor doesn't always line up with Drowned model
    • MC-130722 - Slime blocks diffuse light
    • MC-130779 - Title-Screen Lag High GPU Usage
    • MC-130800 - Normal terracotta disappears from chests when upgrading from 1.12 to 1.13-pre1
    • MC-130858 - Pistons are no longer transparent
    • MC-130936 - Carpets on llamas removed when loading 1.12 map
    • MC-130942 - Errors, warnings and 10 second freeze on loading list of singleplayer worlds
    • MC-130945 - Command tab completion does not work in command blocks with command suggestions off
    • MC-131125 - InhabitedTime set to zero after update from 1.12.2 (Local Difficulty)
    • MC-131155 - Saving structure which has not been saved before logs error "Couldn't load structure"
    To install the pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab.

    Pre-releases can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

    Cross-platform server jar:

    Report bugs here:

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  17. I hope 1.13 pre 2 Spigot releases publicly i really want to test stuff. If you did it for 1.12 please do it again! :)
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  18. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    It really all depends on how stable this pre-release is. There's no sense in distributing something so incredibly buggy. It seems they've resolved a number of large issues presented in pre-1, but whether that's sufficient enough to warrant a stable Spigot distribution is down to md_5.
  19. I agree as a server owner, trying to tell our community, we will update on test server provided the needed plugins update.Everybody wants the update but players don't realize that the developers cann't till the proper jar is released to test their own, lol
  20. I hope pre 3 will be stable enough. So it’ll make sense to release a build.
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