Spigot Community Server (1.13)

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  1. Promoted to Tester.
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  2. That was the issue, I disabled the setting and it worked, thank you :D
  3. IGN: MasterClaus
  4. Demonly



    Can patrons whom basically have 500 posts have helper? xD
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  5. You show as tester in the game now to me.
  6. Dunno what you guys did, but it wasn't me this time.. it went byebye again
    Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 16.58.19.png
  7. My game just crashes using the latest snapshot when joining a server. GG
  8. Me Tries to join >> Crasahes
    Again >> Cashes
    Get mad yet tried a 3rd time >> Crashes
    -0- Just remembered i need to load into a single player world first :)
    EDIT >> Can someone give me Helper? Or tester atleast id be hhappy with eithher
  9. Have you loaded into a single player world?
  10. No. Why would I need to do that? I'll try it though, thanks.
  11. Not sure why but the main post said too and it worked for me :)
  12. Demonly


    This is a bug in the latest snapshot.
  13. I can't seem to click the warp sign at spawn, clicking (or right-clicking) it does nothing at all.
  14. Seems to be fine for me.
  15. Try using /warp instead
  16. Hello,

    IGN : AzoteBottle
  17. Yeah, that seemed to work for me, thanks.
  18. You show up as a tester now, you have 500+, you just need a mod to get you to helper if you want that.

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