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  1. Make a few more helpful posts on the community with more than a couple of words, and you've convinced me :)
  2. Ha alright, hopefully this will count as one...
  3. Not if you're asking me :) *opens your profile and does a comprehensive review*
  4. Forgot to join into a single-player world and was wondering why I kept crashing lol - ign: nfell2009
  5. Promoted to Tester, a mod needs to give you Helper.
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  6. Minor issue.. I mean, do we bother letting someone know about these? Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 17.59.28.png
  7. I'm a nice guy and I appreciate your work <3
    IGN: leNic
  8. IGN: HighDefination (no i'm not high, i'm not on drugs stop reading this WAIT WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS! I SAID STOP NOW STOP!!! RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
  9. now the world knows i died to a pufferfish
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  10. IGN: nick2017

    also who names snapshots? 18w08b?
  11. year 2018
    week 8
    dunno what the b stands for
  12. Hi, my MC name is Tabuu
  13. Maybe beta? There's also 18w08a right, suppose that'd be alpha.
  14. The letter is just the xth snapshot that week, based on the alphabet. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3. So if there is a new snapshot this week it'd be 18w08c.
  15. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    This is a vanilla bug. The fish entities do not have language file entries. Already reported on the tracker a while ago

    Mojang does? Letters correspond to the subsequent snapshot released throughout the week. The format is <year>w<week><release>. i.e. 18w08b is the second snapshot in the 8th week of 2018

    The server is down at the moment in case anyone is attempting to join. Don't bother. You're welcome to join the IRC in the #spigot-server channel to join the discussion, however. Address: irc.spi.gt or just click the "Chat" tab in the website header
  16. IGN: NathanWolf
    I'm a sad timing out panda, but I will try again later.
    Are there any plans to provide a snapshot version for devs like in 1.12? I'm expecting my plugin's going to break pretty hard with the material/data changes.

    Thanks, as always, for all of your hard work!
  17. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    The API was released on a public "preview" branch in the Stash if you'd like to compile Bukkit for yourself. If a snapshot build is going to be released, it will be a pre-release rather than a snapshot
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  18. Anyone else just timing out? Loaded a singleplayer world & tried again, but no luck :/
  19. Server might be mid-crash or something, give it a couple of minutes
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