Spigot Community Server (1.14)

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  1. no the shadow around the screenshot is transparent; the white is the background of this website. open the image in a new tab or download and view it with a different background color and you'll see what i mean.
  2. oh, i see what you mean, that is odd, how do you get the transparent background?
    Nevermind I think i figured it out
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  3. what versions of the plugins are being used on the spigot server, as i have downloaded the same plugins and they give errors in the console. a list or link to the ones that are working would be a nice help. :)
  4. Here's the plugins on the server
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  5. That's really inspiring to see familiar names on a stable 1.14 server.
    Were there any plugins you guys chose to remove from your build due to incompatibility with 1.14?
  6. They never removed any plugins.
    Basically (excluding plugins with NMS) any plugin that works on 1.13.x should work on 1.14
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  7. Can you join the latest version? 19w09b
  8. Does anyone know if the server is broken or something?
    Suddenly when I try to join it just says "Joining world..." for a while and then disconnects
  9. Same issue. Also holy **** does 19w08b ever stall my system. No other snapshot locks up like this.
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  10. Same issue. It's been like this for a couple of days now.
  11. md_5

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    You’re not on the right version
  12. I've tried 19w08a and all versions above. None of them work
  13. None of them work for me either, haven't been able to connect for weeks.
  14. md_5

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    It;s back up now, restart is buggy
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  15. New Features in 1.14?
    New Features for Spigot in 1.14?
  16. md_5

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    Server is now running 19w11b !
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  17. A W E S O M E ! !
    Thanks for upgrading, I was worried that it would start to show its age and maybe undershoot its purpose there.
  18. YAY
    I noticed running a vanilla server, the whole world gen -> client issue has been fixed... FINALLY!
    Happy to see that working on the Spigot server as well :)
  19. Teleporting away 500 blocks to a new chunks takes the server offline apparently ..

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